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layout: wip
title: "Create Alt-Right and Nazi Monero Imagery"
author: Slightly Trolling
date: March 17, 2019
amount: 20
- name: Milestone 1 - Pay me
funds: 100% (4 XMR)
status: unfinished
- date:
**WHO** Definitely not a sock puppet of a concerned Monero community member
**WHAT** Create images/art/propaganda that would put Monero in a bad light, and are clearly not in the interests of the community.
* Outsourcing the work to an actual artist: $200 (4 XMR)
**WHY** The Monero community should allow all proposals to go to funding, if even one single person wants to pay for it. If anyone speaks up and says they want this proposal funded, in the name of NO CENSORSHIP, we should allow it to be funded. This is clearly a sane course of action.
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