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title: 25 Handcrafted Monero GIFS for organic exposure/marketing
author: @Jackblackiswack
date: July 18, 2019
amount: 10
- name: 13 Monero GIFS Completed & published
funds: 5
status: unfinished
- name: 12 Monero GIFS Completed & published
funds: 5
status: unfinished
- date:
- date:
Who Am I:
My name is Jack, you may know me from Telegram as Jack Black.
I have been using crypto to barter goods and services since 2014, but I really wasn't able to invest until later in life, so I am still living on an artists diet. (Sunshine and paint fumes)
I am focused on making Bitcoin & Crypto GIFS to further penetrate the mainstream echo chambers of traditional finance.
Why Memes Are Important:
Although our society has come to know memes as funny cat photos with captions, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkings first coined the phrase "Meme" in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene.
A meme is defined as an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
With this definition one can come to understand that most of the shared reality that we live in could be considered to be, or has at one point been a meme.
I work from the belief that money is a meme of time transfer between humans, and Bitcoin is a superior form of that meme.
While I love Bitcoin, I do see it's flaws and firmly feel that Monero holds some of the values that I want in a cryptocurrency.
It would be an honor to contribute to my favorite project in the space, while at the same time applying my craft, and earning an equal energy exchange for my efforts.
A single Telegram channel is an echo chamber, but taking over all Telegram channels with popular and situationally useful GIFS has the ability to weaponize laughter & humor.
Once created all material is cross platform. I just happen to spend my time on Telegram currently.
Some Monero GIFS I've made so far (NOT to be counted agaisnt the proposal final count)
Some Monero Stickers I make for fun and add to when the mood fits.
I used to release my GIFS into the wild, but I've recently began to collect them in one place
To give you a better idea of my process, here are the PSD draft files of a GIF I made inspired by a still image from the Monero TG (
I traditionally work through multiple drafts to tweak each GIF to my liking before final release.
PSD Files -
Rough Draft -
Final Version -
Nitty Gritty Finances:
I would love to be able to work on a funded proposal, however I know we are community funded and development/code takes priority.
I will likely continue to make content regardless of the outcome of this proposal, however that being said it would be very motivational to be compensated for efforts.
I firmly believe exposure through the guise of entertainment and whimsy is powerful.
A picture is worth a thousand words... and a gif is normally 30-300 pictures...
Milestone #1 13 GIFS - 5 Monero
Milestone #2 12 GIFS - 5 Monero
Deadline 9/1/2019
Please feel free to contact me privately or reach out should you have any comments, concerns, or queries.
Telegram @Jackblackiswack
Twitter @BTC_Obsessions
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