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Merge !1088

Change references to FFS into CCS in 'contributing' page

Closes #954

See merge request monero-project/monero-site!1088
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......@@ -266,9 +266,9 @@ contributing:
mine: Mine
mine_para1: Mining ensures the Monero network remains decentralized and secure. In the Monero graphical user interface and command-line interface, background mining may be activated. Additional resources for mining may be viewed
mine_para2: here.
ffs: View the Forum Funding System
ffs: View the Community Crowdfunding System
ffs_para1: Monero utilizes a
ffs_para2: forum funding system
ffs_para2: community crowdfunding system
ffs_para3: whereby projects are proposed for development and community-funded. Funding is held in escrow and remunerated to developers once programming milestones are achieved. Anyone may generate new proposals or fund existing ones.
donate: Donate
donate_para1: Ongoing development is supported by donations and
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ permalink: /get-started/contributing/index.html
<div class="row start-xs">
<p>{% t contributing.ffs_para1 %} <a href="">{% t contributing.ffs_para2 %}</a> {% t contributing.ffs_para3 %}</p>
<p>{% t contributing.ffs_para1 %} <a href="">{% t contributing.ffs_para2 %}</a> {% t contributing.ffs_para3 %}</p>
......@@ -89,4 +89,4 @@ permalink: /get-started/contributing/index.html
<div class="untranslated {% t contributing.translated %}">
<p>{% t global.untranslated %} <a class="untranslated-link" href="">README</a>.</p>
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