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Rehrar 36c3

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layout: fr
title: rehrar to 36C3
author: rehrar
date: October 17, 2019
amount: 58.65
- name: Payout to purchase the things
funds: 58.65
status: unfinished
- date:
Heyo everyone. Welcome back to another edition of "rehrar asks for money to do Monero related things". In this episode, rehrar wants to go back to C3. So I guess this one is called rehrar to C3 2: Return of Jafar.
Basically, similar to last year, I want to go help at 36C3. Last year I was the MC, did general coordination, and helped to run the floor and speeches, as well as giving a few speeches on my own.
The costs to send me to Leipzig is as follows:
Flight 1700
Hotel 630
Incidentals 565
Ticket 140
For a total of 3035.
Converted to XMR (With a 10% buffer):
58.65 XMR.
IF the community thinks I would be of value to go to C3, then let's get this tagged and bagged. Thanks all!
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