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title: Network upgrade and release 0.15
summary: Tentative schedule for network upgrade and release 0.15
tags: [announcements]
author: dEBRUYNE / ErCiccione
Dear participants of the Monero ecosystem,
A tentative schedule for the upcoming scheduled network upgrade has been set. The schedule is as follows:
**October 24** - *Code freeze*
**October 31** - *Targeted v0.15 release date*
**November 30** - *Network upgrade*
<img src = "/img/blog/monero_015_schedule.png" alt="upgrade schedule">
Thus, approximately the 30th of November there will be a scheduled network upgrade on the Monero network. To be sufficiently prepared, a user, service, merchant, pool operator, or exchange should run CLI v0.15 or GUI v0.15. The scheduled network upgrade introduces a few major changes. First and foremost, a new long-term Proof-of-Work algorithm, namely **RandomX**, will be introduced. Miners therefore ought to upgrade their mining software as well. Second, **long payment IDs will be phased out** in order to improve privacy and user experience as well as reduce support work for services and exchanges. Third, **transactions will now require at least two outputs**. Fourth, the **ten block (approximately twenty minutes) lock time** for incoming transactions will be enforced on the protocol level. Both these changes will improve privacy for the user as well as for the whole network.
To reiterate, following [our earlier announcement]([email protected]/thread/NQCMZHCW557QG4QX752ZTBETRWLF2P63/), long payment IDs will be phased out in this scheduled network upgrade.
Services still utilizing long payment IDs are thus reminded to *upgrade to either integrated addresses or subaddresses as soon as possible*. If any assistance is required, feel free to contact the Monero dev community at #monero-dev (freenode - IRC, Riot/Matrix, [MatterMost](
Note that a preliminary information thread regarding the scheduled network upgraded [has been posted on Reddit]( that contains more elaborate information for users and miners.
Kind regards,
*The Monero dev community*
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