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title: U.S. West Coast Monero Drop & Storage
author: ajs
date: December 4, 2019
amount: 14
- name: Disperse once funding goal is reached
funds: 14
status: unfinished
- name:
status: unfinished
- date:
- date:
### What
We have a pallet at a [warehouse]( in Las Vegas, which is used for
receiving and storing supplies, Monero banners, and a PA system. The facility has been used to support [Defcon](
and [World Crypto Con]( activities. There was a [CCS proposal](
to help cover storage expenses, but there were some unaccounted expenses and the warehouse has announced that they are increasing
the monthly lease from $60 to $115 per month starting from January 1, 2020.
This proposal is to cover the $740 shortfall for storage services until August 2020.
Past CCS funding: +$800
Payment for supply shipments: +$15
July-August invoice (including unaccounted expenses for handling Monero merch): -$395
September-December 2019: -$240
January-August 2020: -$920
Total: -$740
### Who
I am ajs and have volunteered at Defcon 26 & 27 handling logisitics and A/V production. I will be helping out at 36C3 and Konferenco 2020.
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