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<a href="https://github.com/monero-project/meta/blob/master/VULNERABILITY_RESPONSE_PROCESS.md">Vulnerability Response</a>
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<a href="https://github.com/monero-project/meta/blob/master/VULNERABILITY_RESPONSE_PROCESS.md" class="mob top-link col-md-4">Vulnerability Response</a>
<a href="/the-monero-project/" class="mob top-link col-md-3">The Monero Project</a>
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<a href="/resources/user-guides/">User Guides</a>
<a href="/resources/developer-guides/">Developer Guides</a>
<a href="/resources/technical-specs/">Technical Specs</a>
<a href="/resources/vrp/">Vulnerability Response</a>
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title: "Vulnerability Response Process"
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# Monero Site Vulnerability Response Process
## Preamble
Researchers/Hackers: while you research/hack, we ask that you please refrain from committing the following:
- Denial of Service / Active exploiting against the network
- Social Engineering of Monero staff or contractors
- Any physical or electronic attacks against Monero community property and/or data centers
## I. Points of Contact for Security Issues
[email protected]
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[email protected]
8777 AB8F 778E E894 87A2 F8E7 F4AC A018 3641 E010
## II. Security Response Team
- fluffypony
- luigi1111
## III. Incident Response
1. Researcher submits report via one or both of two methods:
- a. Email
- b. [HackerOne](https://hackerone.com/monero)
2. Response Team designates a Response Manager who is in charge of the particular report based on availability and/or knowledge-set
3. In no more than 3 working days, Response Team should gratefully respond to researcher using only encrypted, secure channels
4. Response Manager makes inquiries to satisfy any needed information to confirm if submission is indeed a vulnerability
- a. If submission proves to be vulnerable, proceed to next step
- b. If not vulnerable:
- i. Response Manager responds with reasons why submission is not a vulnerability
- ii. Response Manager moves discussion to a new or existing ticket on GitHub if necessary
5. If over email, Response Manager opens a HackerOne issue for new submission
6. Establish severity of vulnerability:
- a. HIGH: impacts site as a whole, has potential to break entire site, results in the loss of user-data, or is on a scale of great catastrophe
- b. MEDIUM: impacts individual users, or must be carefully exploited
- c. LOW: is not easily exploitable
7. Respond according to the severity of the vulnerability:
- a. HIGH severities must be notified on website and reddit /r/Monero within 3 working days of classification
- i. The notification should list appropriate steps for users to take, if any
- ii. The notification must not include any details that could suggest an exploitation path
- iii. The latter takes precedence over the former
- b. LOW and MEDIUM and HIGH severities will require a rolling release update of the site
8. Response Team applies appropriate patch(es)
- a. Response Manager designates a PRIVATE git "hotfix branch" to work in
- b. Patches are reviewed with the researcher
- c. Any messages associated with PUBLIC commits during the time of review should not make reference to the security nature of the PRIVATE branch or its commits
- d. Vulnerability announcement is drafted
- i. Include the severity of the vulnerability
- ii. Include all vulnerable systems/apps/code
- iii. Include solutions (if any) if patch cannot be applied
- e. Release date is discussed
9. At release date, Response Team coordinates with developers to finalize update:
- a. Response Manager propagates the "hotfix branch" to trunk
- b. Response Manager includes vulnerability announcement draft in release notes
- c. Proceed with the Point or Regular Release
## IV. Post-release Disclosure Process
1. Response Team has 90 days to fulfill all points within section III
2. If the Incident Response process in section III is successfully completed:
- a. Response Manager contacts researcher and asks if researcher wishes for credit
- b. Finalize vulnerability announcement draft and include the following:
- i. Project name and URL
- ii. Versions known to be affected
- iii. Versions known to be not affected (for example, the vulnerable code was introduced in a recent version, and older versions are therefore unaffected)
- iv. Versions not checked
- v. Type of vulnerability and its impact
- vi. If already obtained or applicable, a CVE-ID
- vii. The planned, coordinated release date
- viii. Mitigating factors (for example, the vulnerability is only exposed in uncommon, non-default configurations)
- ix. Workarounds (configuration changes users can make to reduce their exposure to the vulnerability)
- x. If applicable, credits to the original reporter
- c. Release finalized vulnerability announcement on website and reddit /r/Monero
- d. For HIGH severities, release finalized vulnerability announcement on well-known mailing lists:
- i. [email protected]
- ii. [email protected]
- e. If applicable, developers request a CVE-ID
- i. The commit that applied the fix is made reference too in a future commit and includes a CVE-ID
3. If the Incident Response process in section III is *not* successfully completed:
- a. Response Team and developers organize an IRC meeting to discuss why/what points in section III were not resolved and how the team can resolve them in the future
- b. Any developer meetings immediately following the incident should include points made in section V
- c. If disputes arise about whether or when to disclose information about a vulnerability, the Response Team will publicly discuss the issue via IRC and attempt to reach consensus
- d. If consensus on a timely disclosure is not met (no later than 90 days), the researcher (after 90 days) has every right to expose the vulnerability to the public
## V. Incident Analysis
1. Isolate codebase
- a. Response Team and developers should coordinate to work on the following:
- i. Problematic implementation of classes/libraries/functions, etc.
- ii. Focus on apps/distro packaging, etc.
- iii. Operator/config error, etc.
2. Auditing
- a. Response Team and developers should coordinate to work on the following:
- i. Auditing of problem area(s) as discussed in point 1
- ii. Generate internal reports and store for future reference
- iii. If results are not sensitive, share with the public via IRC or GitHub
3. Response Team has 45 days following completion of section III to ensure completion of section V
## VI. Resolutions
Any further questions or resolutions regarding the incident(s) between the researcher and response + development team after public disclosure can be addressed via the following:
- [GitHub](https://github.com/monero-project/monero/issues/)
- [HackerOne](https://hackerone.com/monero)
- [Reddit /r/Monero](https://reddit.com/r/Monero/)
- Email
## VII. Continuous Improvement
1. Response Team and developers should hold annual meetings to review the previous year's incidents
2. Response Team or designated person(s) should give a brief presentation, including:
- a. Areas of Monero affected by the incidents
- b. Any network downtime or monetary cost (if any) of the incidents
- c. Ways in which the incidents could have been avoided (if any)
- d. How effective this process was in dealing with the incidents
3. After the presentation, Response Team and developers should discuss:
- a. Potential changes to development processes to reduce future incidents
- b. Potential changes to this process to improve future responses
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