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people: The People Behind Monero
userguides: User Guides
developerguides: Developer Guides
goals: Design & Development Goals
openalias: The OpenAlias Project
lab: Monero Research Lab
alternative: Alternative Clients
layout: static_page
title: "Design and Development Goals"
title-pre-kick: "Design and Development "
title-kick: "Goals"
title-post-kick: ""
kick-class: "red-kicks"
icon: "icon_goals"
attribution: "<!-- Icon is based on work by Freepik (http://www.freepik.com) and is licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0 -->"
### Development Goals
![Development Goals](//static.getmonero.org/images/goals/development.jpg)
### Research Goals
![Research Goals](//static.getmonero.org/images/goals/research.jpg)
......@@ -11,4 +11,5 @@ When you send Monero to someone you only need one piece of information, and that
Because those addresses are long and complex you will often encounter an @openalias address instead. For example, Monero donations can be sent to <span style="word-break: break-all; word-wrap: break-word;">[email protected]</span> or <span style="word-break: break-all; word-wrap: break-word;">donate.getmonero.org</span>
If you would like to get an @openalias address of your own then it is
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If you would like to get an @openalias address of your own then there is some information on the [OpenAlias page](/knowledge-base/openalias).
layout: moneropedia
entry: "Transactions"
terms: ["transaction", "transactions"]
summary: "sending Monero to a recipient or recipients"
### The Basics
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