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title: A continuation for all purpose programming of what needs to get done in monero
author: moneromooo
amount: 18,000
date: October 31, 2015

I have now finished the second to last milestone in my current contract. I'd originally committed to a short enough time in case it wouldn't work out well, but I think this has worked quite well, so I'm proposing a new contract to follow as soon as the last milestone is done. I have had several requests about applying for an extension, so I think some people at least are keen to see that happening :)

This extension will be a pretty similar deal, but for a longer time period: a set amount of time spent working on monero. I will up the price a bit (both because it's been taking so much of my free time, and because the price of monero has gone down since then), and I will commit to more time in total, with the same average weekly time target. Even though I consistently managed at least equal to the target 10 hours a week so far, this may or may not continue.

I propose the following:

- 450 hours spent working on monero (previous was 260)
- A guideline of about 10 hours a week, as previously, but this is only indicative
- 40 monero per hour (previous was 30, but monero was also valued about a quarter higher in fiat terms)
- 10 milestones, at regular 45 hours intervals (previous was 6 every 45)
    so a total of 18000 monero (previous was 7800)

To be started as milestones get funded. There's a 12.92 leftover in the previous fund, it can probably be used to seed this one.