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Norwegian translation

See merge request monero-project/ccs-proposals!102
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layout: fr
title: Norwegian translation of the GUI
author: Christopher
date: October 23, 2019
amount: 3
- name: Translation of GUI to Norwegian
status: unfinished
- name:
status: unfinished
- date:
- date:
Proposal: I downloaded the Monero GUI and realized that there is no Norwegian translation for it.
I am a certified translator who has translated for among others Facebook, and I would love to help translate the
GUI to Norwegian. To show my support for crypto and crypto adoption, I suggest doing it for a 60%-ish discount, so appr. $0.05/word.
There should be 3447 words, which amounts to, lets say, 3 XMR. I can assure you that it is my own intention to do a flawless job and I
also want the translation to be just right. I think it is important for the Monero community to have a Norwegian translation of the GUI
as cryptocurrency is getting more and more traction in Norway, and I think Norwegians will benefit from having it in their native language.
I will personally handle the translation.
I have one milestone, which is translation of the 3447 words.
If approved, I will have the translation completed within 48 hours.
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