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CLSAG Audit with Teserakt and OSTIF

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title: CLSAG Audit
author: Monero Audit Workgroup
date: 4 June 2020
- name: Audit amount
funds: 100% (206 XMR)
status: unfinished
- date:
This is the funding request for Monero Research Lab's Concise Linkable Ring Signatures (CLSAG) research. CLSAG promises to provide more efficient Monero transactions without sacrificing privacy. CLSAG improves Monero transactions with no meaningful disadvantages. It's a drop-in improvement for MLSAG like Bulletproofs was. CLSAGs require a hardfork to implement.
The Monero Audit Workgroup cooperated with [OSTIF]( to create [this SoW]( with [Teserakt]( The Monero community has cooperated with OSTIF for the past [Bulletproofs]( [audits]( and [RandomX audits](
The workgroup consists of the following members. They do not receive compensation:
* ArticMine
* binaryFate
* Justin Ehrenhofer
* Sarang Noether (abstained)
* SerHack
Cost breakdown:
* Audit amount: $14,400
* OSTIF fee (10%): $1,440
* OSTIF audit credit: ($3,150)
* Subtotal: $12,690
* Buffer (10%): $1,269
* Total: $13,959
* XMR ($68): 206
Teserakt has already begun working on this audit by their own decision.
Any excess or shortfalls from volatility will be donated to or paid by Core.
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