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Update - wip and payout

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layout: fr
layout: wip
title: "Sarang: research funding for 2019 Q4"
author: Sarang Noether
date: 6 September 2019
......@@ -7,15 +7,15 @@ amount: 417
- name: Funding is released
funds: 100% (417 XMR)
status: unfinished
done: 23 September 2019
status: finished
- name: Work is done
funds: 0% (0 XMR)
status: unfinished
- date:
- date: 23 September 2019
amount: 417
Hello! Dr. Sarang Noether here, excited to continue full-time research, development, and analysis in privacy-focused cryptography and applications. You can read my previous monthly reports for [July]( and [August]( to see what I've been up to recently.
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