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Proposal for Sarang vacations days

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title: Sarang Vacation Days
author: The Core Team
date: October 8, 2020
amount: 200
- name: Release the funds to sarang
status: unfinished
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To the Monero Community,
As many of you know, MRL's full time researcher, Sarang Noether stepped down from his position this past month. After looking back across the history of the project, we are humbled to realize he has been working on the Monero Project on and off, full time and part time, for over six years, three of which were in a full time position, paid for by the CCS. His initial proposal can still be viewed on the old Forum Funding System here:
Because of the contractual nature of the CCS, the written proposals, and indeed, freelance work in general, many benefits offered by traditional jobs do not exist within the ecosystem. Benefits such as vacation days and paid time off.
While we do not expect to make a habit of this, we feel the length of time worked, the quality of work given, and the person themself are all worthy of breaking out of the traditional CCS mold to raise money for sarang to take some 'paid time off'. We understand that he has already made the decision to step back down, and this proposal is not trying to bring him back into the fold (although we would of course be thrilled if one day he returned), but rather to give what we feel is due for six years of labor.
We ask the community to crowdfund 200 XMR that we can give him, so his initial days after his departure can be restful and he would not have to worry about making money to live.
This proposal will remain open in funding required for one month or until the goal is met. Whichever comes first. After either condition is met, the funds will be given to sarang, including any overfunding.
We hope the community will join us in doing good for someone who has done so much good for us.
The Monero Core Team
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