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Core website translation to Serbian

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layout: fr
title: "Core website translation to Serbian"
author: readifugly
date: September 19, 2020
amount: 3
- name: Translation and checking of all words
funds: 3
status: unfinished
- date:
- date:
This is a proposal to translate the core part of the website and filtering all the faulty translations out. By trasnlating this to Serbian it will have a slight impact to the bigger adaptation of Monero in Balkan.
I got an English C1 certificate and I am currently studying Japanese at the Faculty of philology. I believe that I am qualified enough to translate it by myself.
If everything goes well I will translate the rest of the site (Moneropoedia and userguides) and after that I will do a full Japanese translation.
This proposal includes one milestone: The checking and editing of faulty translations, after that finishing the rest of the page.
7157 need checking and a lot of them will need editing. The left over 2,226 words will be translated after that. The job will be done ~4days.
A compensation of 3xmr should be fair enough.
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