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title: GUI UX coding (3 months)
author: dsc
date: 17 April, 2019
amount: 282
- 1st-month:
funds: 33% (94 XMR)
status: unfinished
- 2nd-month:
funds: 33% (94 XMR)
status: unfinished
- 3rd-month:
funds: 33% (94 XMR)
status: unfinished
- date:
- date:
- date:
# What
32 hours a week for 3 months. [My last proposal]( was the first where I was able to dedicate fulltime attention to Monero. Thus, past 3 months has seen substantial improvements to the GUI. For example, all points from [this issue]( have been resolved or at least improved upon.
# Who
I'm dsc, familiar with Monero GUI internals and contributed to the GUI codebase since fall 2017.
My contributions/experience:
- (
- (moneroworld)
- Free VPS Hosting for XMR i2p workgroup, Noncense Research Lab and a Gitea [backup git]( instance.
- The fan-favourite & glorious IRC bot `xmr-pr` - making everyones life more managable
# Report on the previous 3 months
- [Introduced white theme](
- [New wizards](, both code and design rewritten from scratch
- [Simple mode]( automatic remote node finder (
- [IPC]( (`monero://` and `moneroseed://` uri handler)
- Introduced font-awesome + .svg for higher quality icons
- [New transaction history page](
- Wrote a 'GUI development guidelines' document (not released yet :-P)
In addition I 'cleaned up' QML components and reviewed/rewrote existing QML/js logic. Good QML components lead to a more stable/clean UX. This is time consuming, as QML is not intuitive or easy to work with (compared to, say, HTML + CSS). These efforts are a balance between "needing to clean up the codebase before we can continue" versus "delivering tangible results the community benefits from".
# Proposal
32 hours per week at 50 USD/hour rate for a total of 282 XMR. XMR/USD rate is roughly based on the average of the past 2 weeks.
I'd rather not post bi-weekly updates in this PR/Reddit, rather wish to have a weekly meeting on Tuesday in `#monero-gui` on Freenode. This will be an opportunity where the GUI workgroup discusses recent developments, open issues/PRs, and to-do's.
# What I want to focus on
Or rather, what I could choose to focus on. Following list is unordered in terms of prioritization.
### Tor/i2p integration
Due to knaccc/jgrassie's efforts (et al.), Monero now has support for tor/i2p. GUI should implement this. Challenges ahead:
1. Come up with a design that works in terms of UX
1. How to present tor/i2p options to the user?
2. Where can the user switch between connection types?
2. tiny-i2p/tor binaries will not be included in the GUI release, how to deal with this?
## Android/Purism
Purism has shown interest in having Monero GUI natively and included by default on their Librem 5 (phone). This idea has overlap with a long standing wish of having an Android GUI release, as both would require [a new QML application](
Time estimates for both Android/librem support would most likely result in at least 50% of this CCS's time allocation. As such, I'm not commiting to this task before the community prioritizes this goal and/or someone wants to partially fund this mobile adventure :-o)
## Support database pruning
[More info here](
## Fix update checker
GUI has functionality to check if a newer version of the GUI is available, via DNS. I believe this was disabled some time ago. We should get this functionality working.
## Rewrite modals and popups
Current GUI popups can be improved. Kneuffeulbund [made new designs]( I'd like to implement.
## Monerod as a service on Linux/MacOS
The ability to register/create a `monerod` service from within the GUI, and add it to system startup using systemd (linux), LaunchAgent (MacOS) + system tray. For Windows, such registration should take place in rbrunner's installer. I will not work on a Windows service.
This should also support [Automatic mining](
## User testing session GUI feedback
Take user feedback from [an IRL GUI testing session]( and implement them.
## Integrate the Monero GUI guide
Integrate the Monero GUI guide from the translations workgroup inside the GUI, using a markdown to HTML renderer, inside QML, using QtWebView.
## Tooltips, context menus
Right-click->copy/paste would be nice to have for input boxes. Also help tooltips.
## moneroseed://
Support for `moneroseed://` URIs. [More info here](
## CMake build recipe
A CMake recipe, replacing qmake, will be a requirement to create reproducible builds. Currently I'm experimenting with one, it may be finished soon. Might also not be. Would like to work with TheCharlatan on this.
## Misc. GUI development
- Manage issue tracker
- Bugfixes
- Improving QML components where fit
- Code review PRs
Supports Markdown
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