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el00ruobuob proposal from FFS for Jan-Mar

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layout: fr
author: el00ruobuob
date: 02/03/2018
amount: 45
- name: January
funds: 33.33% (XMR 15)
status: unfinished
- name: February
funds: 33.33% (XMR 15)
status: unfinished
- name: March
funds: 33.33% (XMR 15)
status: unfinished
- date:
- date:
- date:
Hi there,
El00ruobuob again, asking if you want to support my work for the current quarter.
#### Report since last quarter
I have been missing a bunch of report lately, and i've not done as much as i expected (but still respecting my minimum devoted time), but here's what i did:
* [Finished the Wallet RPC refresh, based on 0.13 wallet-rpc](
* [Translated the developer guides to French]( (pending merge)
* Did a few correction on both wallet & server rpc guides
* Updated a few user guide to 0.13
* Translated the Gui wallet guide to French
* Reported the community meetings
* Helped in translating the GUI for 0.14
* [Updated the French Quick Facts sheet from Outreach Workgroup](
* Maybe other things i can't remember
#### Current work list
1. Hangout Page
I started working a few month ago to a new hangout page.
It had been discuss in community meeting a while ago, and an issue is opened since [here](
I made a few tests and think about "what should be the best", and come with a solution:
* The hangout page should highlight a support section on the right (as it is actually for StackExchange), and adding the r/MoneroSupport along with the MRW website in this section.
* The hangout page must let user choose where to join the discussion, based on the tools he use, or based on the things he wanted to do. So i replaced the left side panes with a dynamic section where you can choose "By Platform" (listing all channels/groups/sites on all platforms, including IRC, Mattermost, Reddit, Taiga, Telegram, external website & ressources), or "By WorkGroup" (listing all the workgroups with their respectives places.
This is still an ongoing work, as i try to figure out how to best handle this at code (html/liquid/<lang>.yml) level, but you can see and test it on [my own branch](
2. Research Lab & Dev Meetings reports
A few weeks ago, dEBRUYNE asked me if i may be able to add the Research Lab meetings & Dev meetings logs to the blog.
I accept the task and started with the Research Lab Meeting backlog ([10 meetings' logs in a merge request atm.](
3. GUI guide update to 0.14
With the upcoming upgrade, i proposed to help Erciccione with the updates on the GUI Guide.
I haven't started yet but offers to work on this in the next days.
4. MMS guide translation
I started to tranlate this just before the GUI call for translator.
It is a huge user-guide and will requires more time than i suspected.
5. Miscellaneous
Other small activities always needs time every now and then.
There are new strings for Monerujo i haven't translate to French yet (or even look at).
I continue to post the Community Meeting logs and do any stuff i can to help anyone asking for (as long as it doesn't requires me to lengthen a day's 24h)
#### *It's not about the money money money*
But, still...
For this new Quarter, in this obviously Bear market, i am asking for 1.25XMR per hour, on a 3 hours a week basis.
That's a 15XMR a month, so 45XMR total.
My milestone will be monthly-based:
* January: **15XMR**
* February: **15XMR**
* March: **15XMR**
Anyway, feels welcome to give your thoughts, or ask for emergency work from me.
See you soon!
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