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title: "Sarang: research funding for 2019 Q1"
author: Sarang Noether
date: 4 December 2018
......@@ -15,15 +15,15 @@ milestones:
status: finished
- name: March
funds: 33.33% (220.34 XMR)
status: unfinished
done: 31 March 2019
status: finished
- date: 4 February 2019
amount: 220.33
- date: 1 March 2019
amount: 220.33
- date:
- date: 4 April 2019
amount: 220.34
Friends, neighbors, well-wishers, hello. Dr. Sarang Noether here, back again for [Monero Research Lab 2: The Search For More Money]( My current funded research time is coming to a close, and I'm good to go for another three months of research and development for the Monero Research Lab.
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