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author: m2049r
date: September 21, 2018
amount: 70
- name: Milestone 1 - Work
funds: 100% (70 XMR)
status: finished
- date: January 3, 2019
amount: 70 XMR
I am m2049r, creator of Monerujo - The Monero Android Wallet.
I was funded March - August 2018 and would like to continue in that spirit. Please see previous posts for completed milestones & tasks.
Primarily I will be moving the Monerujo App along according to our feature list on Taiga as well as improving the usability as dictated by the Monerujo Team.
12 weeks x 10 hours/week = 120 hours. @ 0.58XMR per hour = 70XMR.
(June - August I spent 140 hours in addition to Ledger integration)
* OpenAlias support **[Released 2018-09-17]**
* Monero 0.13 support **[Beta 2018-10-09, Released 2018-10-14]**
* Automated Node discovery **[Alpha 2018-11-20]**
* Further Multisig Analysis & Design **[Suspended until it is clear what core GUI will do]**
* Talk at the HCPP18 **[Released 2018-10-07]**
* Continue development of Monerujo according to the Taiga Project **[ongiong, see Taige & GitHUb for details]**
* User Support & Bugfixing **[ongoing]**
**The work for this FFS is complete, see Team Monerujo: Part-Time December-February for followup.**
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