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title: "el00ruobuob: Part Time for a new quarter (Oct-Dec)"
author: el00ruobuob
date: September 3, 2018
amount: 21
- name: Milestone 1 - October
funds: 33.33% (7 XMR)
status: finished
- name: Milestone 2 - November
funds: 33.33% (7 XMR)
status: finished
- name: Milestone 3 - December
funds: 33.33% (7 XMR)
status: finished
- date: November 15, 2018
amount: 7 XMR
- date: January 2, 2019
amount: 14 XMR
Hi Everyone,
I'm el00ruobuob, if i still have to introduce myself, i've done the French translation of Monero Website with the help of erciccione, the monerujo French translation for m2049r, a full refresh of developer daemon RPC guide, the relocalization of Moneropedia, and much more.
If you do not know me yet, look at the latest merged PR on monero-site, the Open-Hub stats, the reports on my previous FFS, or ask erciccione, rehrar & luigi1111 how annoying i am ;)
I would like to continue doing the French localization for almost anything that came up. I also would like to help in any possible ways, like creating/updating guides or generally improving the website.
As the work done on my previous FFS seems to still be appreciated, i propose to continue to help the community in another FFS.
I will still run for a very minimum work-time to half an hour par day, 6 days a week. That's a 3 hours a week, and for those who know me a, it's really an underestimation.
At the moment, i just finished with the moneropedia french translation, and i have this todo list:
Finishing Wallet RPC Dev guide refresh (84% done) - P1
Kovri guides versioning (as suggested by rehrar) - P2
Port monero-integrations on the website, if we have a consensus on this - P2
Buying a Ledger to port dEBRUYNE-1 Ledger GUI guide on the website userguide with screenshots and photos - P3
Given the recent rise of price (around 100€), i am asking 0.5XMR per hour. If the price continue to raise, it will be lowered of course.
So a 1.5XMR per week or 6XMR per month.
I propose milestones not for particular achievements, but for each month.
* October: 6XMR;
* November: 6XMR;
* December: 6XMR.
For a grand total of 18XMR.
Edit 9/5: If the price stays stable at the current level, it will only be 15XMR
Edit2: i may have cursed the charts by writing this :(
Edit 9/12: at actual price of 85€ I will ask for 21XMR. I hope to curse the chart in opposite direction;).
Work done would be seen on:
* My github;
* Monero Project GitHub;
* Taiga.
And if you want to donate to me directly, be my guest:
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