Commit 6ceaabf2 authored by xiphon's avatar xiphon
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CoinZcoin: don't skip incoming txes

parent 1cc3cedd
......@@ -18,8 +18,7 @@ class CoinZcoin implements Coin
public function onNotifyGetTransactions(Command $command, WalletCommon $wallet)
$skip_txes = Deposit::whereNotNull('tx_id')->where('confirmations', '>', 10)->count();
return $wallet->scanIncomingTransfers($skip_txes)->each(function ($tx) {
return $wallet->scanIncomingTransfers()->each(function ($tx) {
$project = Project::where('address', $tx->address)->first();
if ($project) {
$tx->subaddr_index = $project->subaddr_index;
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