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title: Create End-User Kovri documentation
author: anonimal
amount: 100
date: July 15, 2016

<strong> \> What - describe the idea and how you plan to develop it </strong>

The idea is to create user-friendly non-technical Kovri documentation. Something that helps new users (who aren't necessarily developers) better understand what Kovri is and how it can/will be used.

I plan to develop this by implementing new documentation directly into my fork of the monero-site repository via Moneropedia entries (a similar, successful and completed proposal can be seen here) and then sending a pull-request when completed.

<strong> \> Who - who are you? Why do you think you can develop it, and why should the Monero community believe you can? </strong>

I am anonimal; and I am presently the lead developer of The Kovri I2P Router Project. With the help, guidance, and contributions of both I2P and Monero developers, myself and a handful of others came together to create Kovri.

This documentation proposal is yet another aspect of development that we have been tackling since the inception of Kovri. I believe that I can implement this proposal because of my experience with Kovri.

The Monero community should believe that I can implement this proposal for the following reasons:

- My tireless commitment to Kovri as proven over the passed 8+ months
- My recent contributions to bitmonero
- My contributions to the Monero project as a whole

<strong> \> Why - Why do you want to develop this? </strong>

I would like to see a robust documentation system that improves the lives of everyone in the Monero ecosystem. Something that provides a firm foundation for the most novice to the most experienced of users to use and understand Kovri technology. I believe that user-friendly Monerpedia can help build that foundation.

<strong> \> The Proposal and Milestones - It is difficult to describe how each proposal should be broken down into milestones, but only you (the developer) knows how long things can take, and knows how to break the task apart. Expiration - Make it apparent that a time limit exists for the proposal. </strong>

I propose a two milestones, 50 XMR for each milestone, for a total of 100 XMR. The first milestone being a completed first draft that I will keep in my fork. The second milestone being completed, uploaded, and verified content.

This proposal can, technically, be finished using my free time on the weekend. Realistically, because of scheduling, I need to vastly overestimate and give two weeks maximum for the first milestone and two weeks maximum for the 2nd milestone for a total of 1 month.

Realistically, this can be completed in less time than proposed - but I'd rather have this buffer for the sake of scheduling.

All feedback is welcome. I would like to hear any specifics or requests from the community before I dive into this.

Edit: also see https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/4sx825/kovri_enduser_documentation_proposal_now_open_for/