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title: Monero integrations with web apps
author: serhack
amount: 126
date: May 30, 2017



We are living in a world that have a lot of integrations with web-apps: you should think slack, github.. Every web app has integrations. I think monero will be popular if we develop some plugins like for Wordpress, Prestashop.

My plan is developing integrations (plugins, add-ons) for monero; My goal is everyone will support monero as payment.

At the moment I'm discussing with community about how plugin can communicate with daemon of Monero. The plugins/addons will developed by me and with PHP, html and the framework of Web App. Please if you have an idea about this, please post it! I will implement best ideas.

### WHO

Hello, I'm Nico aka SerHack. I am a web developer freelancer, sysadmin and I worked in the past as marketing coordinator for IT company. I'm from Italy and this project is one of the best project that I never see. I believe in open source projects like Monero :) If anyone doubts of my job, here a list of my work:

SerNico Website (I need to update it :p ) SerWebHost Shared Hosting company Fabrizio Cotugno Graphic Freelancer

Warning: I have worked in a lot of websites, I can't post fully list here. If you wanna it, please pm me :)

### WHY

I would pay in a shop by XMR, as easy as bitcoin payment. Monero will become a great project with integration! I would help some merchants that haven't got any php skills I'm working as a freelancer: actually I need only 0.75 XMR /hours (currently like 15 dollars). For each intregration, there will be a milestone.

I can work on Monero for roughly 3-4 hours per day. I will write a full log of my activity. So you can follow my progress. I will go to St. Moritz and Cesenatico for 20 days in total during June :).

Milestone #1: Days: around 16
16 x 3-4 hours x 0.75 = around 36 XMR
- PHP Library

Milestone #2: Days: around 30
30 x 3-4 hours x 0.75 = around 90 XMR - Starting Wordpress plugin
- Starting Prestashop plugin

**Funding needed: 126 XMR**