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  date: '%Y/%m/%d'
  monero: Monero
  getting_started: Getting Started
  copyright: Copyright
  monero_project: The Monero Project
  sitename:, The Monero Project
  wiki: Moneropedia
  tags: Articles By Tag
  wikimeta: on Moneropedia, the open encyclopedia of Monero knowledge
  tagsmeta: All Monero blog articles that are tagged
  titlemeta: on the home of Monero, a digital currency that is secure, private, and untraceable
  terms: Terms
  privacy: Privacy
  copyright: Copyright
  edit: Edit This Page
  untranslated: Esta pagina is not yet translated. If you would like to help translate it, please see the
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  index: Inicio
  whatismonero: ¿Qué es Monero (XMR)?
  using: Usar Monero
  accepting: Aceptar Monero
  contributing: Mejorar Monero
  mining: Minar Monero
  faq: FAQ
  downloads: Descargas
  allposts: All Blog Posts
  team: Equipo
  hangouts: Canales de comunicación
  events: Eventos
  sponsorships: Patrocinios
  merchants: Comerciantes y Servicios
  about: Sobre Monero
  roadmap: Hoja de ruta
  researchlab: Laboratorio de investigación de Monero (MRL)
  moneropedia: Moneropedia
  userguides: Guías de usuario
  developerguides: Guías de desarrolladores
  technicalspecs: Especificaciones técnicas
  themoneroproject: The Monero Project
  presskit: Monero Press Kit
  legal: Legal
  ffs: Forum Funding System
  ffs-cp: Completed Proposals
  ffs-fr: Funding Required
  ffs-ideas: Ideas
  ffs-ot: Open Tasks
  ffs-wip: Work in Progress
  blogbytag: Blog by Tag
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  page_title: "Monero - secure, private, untraceable"
  what_is_1: What is
  what_is_2: " ?"
  what_is_orange_block: "Monero is a secure, private, untraceable currency that is open-source and freely available for anyone to use."
  what_is_text_block_1: "With Monero, you are your own bank; You have complete control over your funds. With Monero, your accounts and transactions are kept private."
  what_is_text_block_2: "Want to find out more? An overview of Monero's main features are below. If you'd like to try Monero for yourself the"
  what_is_text_block_3: "Getting Started"
  what_is_text_block_4: "section is an excellent launching point."
  news: News
  the_latest: The Latest
  private: Private
  secure: Secure
  untraceable: Untraceable
  private_text: "Monero uses hidden amounts, origins and destinations of @transactions. This means that nobody knows how much you're sending in a transaction except you. This ensures that your purchases and other transfers remain private by default."
  untraceable_text: "By taking advantage of @ring-signatures, Monero allows you to send and receive funds privately. Even though your transactions are publicly verifiable on the @blockchain, transactions use digital signatures that specify a group of signers such that the person verifying can’t tell which person actually produced the signature. Because it's ambiguous which funds have been spent, your transaction remains private and cannot be traced back to you."
  secure_text: "Monero uses a distributed peer-to-peer @consensus network and every transaction is cryptographically signed. Your coins are safely stored on the @blockchain and can be restored at any time with the use of a 25 word @mnemonic-seed on any computer with the Monero software. Wallet files are encrypted on disk and locked with a passphrase, rendering them useless if stolen."
  how_do_i_1: "How do I "
  how_do_i_2: " ?"
  get_started: get started
  get_started_1: "The fastest way to start using Monero is with a web @account manager such as "
  mymonero: "MyMonero"
  get_started_2: "."
  get_started_3: "Alternatively, if you would like to run a [full Monero node](/getting-started/running) you can download the client and a kick-starter @blockchain (to bring your local client up to speed) using the download link on the right."
  where_can_i: Where can I
  download_1: download
  download_2: " ?"
  different_os: "Need it for a different operating system?"
  all_downloads: View all available downloads here
  c_download: Download
  monero_for: Monero for
  latest_blockchain: Latest @Blockchain
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  title_2: Blog
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