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    Revamp of the FAQ · 6dd7c600
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    - Added anchors. Visible when hovering on the tabs
    - Added "More info:", which links to related sections on getmonero (contributing, user guides, etc)
    - Added toc
    - Added links to related Moneropedia entries in the answers
    - Added side box with more resources and info
    - 10 new questions/answers:
    	- Can I avoid to download the entire blockchain?
    	- why my wallet needs to be scanned everytime I open it?
    	- Is it dangerous to run a personal node?
    	- Is it dangerous to use a remote node? what's the data a node operator can get from me?
    	- How can I contribute?
    	- What's the meaning of [technical word]?
    	- What wallet should I use?
    	- Can't see funds. Did I just lose all my Monero?
    	- How can I connect my node via Tor?
    	- Why does the blockchain need so much space?
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