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ES Translation of Moneropedia page in es.yml

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...@@ -509,7 +509,7 @@ specs: ...@@ -509,7 +509,7 @@ specs:
sender_privacy_title: Privacidad del Emisor sender_privacy_title: Privacidad del Emisor
sender_privacy_mode: Firmas circulares sender_privacy_mode: Firmas circulares
recipient_privacy_title: Privacidad del Receptor recipient_privacy_title: Privacidad del Receptor
recipient_privacy_mode: Direcciones sigilo recipient_privacy_mode: Direcciones secretas
amount_hidden_title: Encubrimiento de Cantidades amount_hidden_title: Encubrimiento de Cantidades
amount_hidden_mode: Transacciones confidenciales circulares amount_hidden_mode: Transacciones confidenciales circulares
...@@ -550,77 +550,77 @@ library: ...@@ -550,77 +550,77 @@ library:
En esta publicacióne, actualizaciones acerca de: desarrollo, Laboratorio de Investigación de Monero, Kovri, y comunidad, Hardware, y Monerujo. En esta publicacióne, actualizaciones acerca de: desarrollo, Laboratorio de Investigación de Monero, Kovri, y comunidad, Hardware, y Monerujo.
moneropedia: moneropedia:
translated: "no" translated: "yes"
add_new_button: Add New Entry add_new_button: Crear Nueva Entrada
add_new_text1: If there is an entry you'd like to modify or be added, please add_new_text1: Si hay una entrada que quisieras modificar o agregar, por favor
add_new_link: open an issue on this website's GitLab repository add_new_link: abre un caso en el repositorio de este sitio en GitLab
add_new_text2: or submit changes via pull request add_new_text2: o presenta tus cambios a través de un pull request
entries: entries:
account: Account account: Cuenta
address-book: Address Book address-book: Directorio
address: Address address: Dirección
airgap: Airgap airgap: Airgap
atomic-units: Atomic Units atomic-units: Unidades Atómicas
base32-address: Base32 address base32-address: Dirección Base32
base64-address: Base64 address base64-address: Dirección Base64
blockchain: Blockchain blockchain: Blockchain
block: Block block: Bloque
bootstrap-node: Bootstrap-node bootstrap-node: Nodo Bootstrap
canonically-unique-host: Canonically-unique host canonically-unique-host: Host único canónico
change: Change change: Cambio
clearnet: Clearnet clearnet: Clearnet
coinbase: Coinbase Transaction coinbase: Transacción de Coinbase
consensus: Consensus consensus: Consenso
cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency cryptocurrency: Criptomoneda
data-directory: Data Directory data-directory: Directorio de Datos
denominations: Denominations denominations: Denominaciones
destination: Destination destination: Destino
eepsite: Eepsite eepsite: Eepsite
encryption: Encryption encryption: Encriptación
floodfill: Floodfill floodfill: Floodfill
fluffyblocks: Fluffy Blocks fluffyblocks: Bloques Fluffy
fungibility: Fungibility fungibility: Fungibilidad
garlic-encryption: Garlic-Encryption garlic-encryption: Encriptación Garlic
garlic-routing: Garlic Routing garlic-routing: Enrutado Garlic
i2np: I2NP i2np: I2NP
i2pcontrol: I2PControl i2pcontrol: I2PControl
i2p: I2P i2p: I2P
in-net: In-net in-net: En-red
java-i2p: Java I2P java-i2p: Java I2P
jump-service: Jump Service jump-service: Servicio Jump
kovri: Kovri kovri: Kovri
lease: Lease lease: Contrato
lease-set: Lease-Set lease-set: Conjunto de Contratos
locally-unique-host: Locally-unique host locally-unique-host: Host único local
message: Message message: Mensaje
mining: Mining mining: Minería
mnemonicseed: Mnemonic Seed mnemonicseed: Semilla Mnemónica
network-database: Network Database network-database: Base de Datos de Red
node: Node node: Nodo
ntcp: NTCP ntcp: NTCP
openalias: OpenAlias openalias: OpenAlias
paperwallet: Paper Wallet paperwallet: Monedero en Papel
paymentid: Payment ID paymentid: ID de Pago
pedersen-commitment: Pedersen Commitment pedersen-commitment: Compromiso Pedersen
reseed: Reseed reseed: Resembrar
ringCT: Ring CT ringCT: Transacción Circular Confidencial
ringsignatures: Ring Signature ringsignatures: Firmas Circulares
ring-size: Ring Size ring-size: Tamaño de Círculo
router-info: Router-Info router-info: Información del Router
scalability: Scalability scalability: Escalabilidad
signature: Cryptographic Signature signature: Firma Criptográfica
smartmining: Smart Mining smartmining: Minería Inteligente
spendkey: Spend Key spendkey: Clave de Gasto
ssu: SSU ssu: SSU
stealthaddress: Stealth Address stealthaddress: Dirección secreta
subscription: Subscription subscription: Subscripción
tail-emission: Tail Emission tail-emission: Emisión de Cola
transaction: Transactions transaction: Transacción
transports: Transports transports: Transportes
tunnel: Tunnel tunnel: Túnel
unlocktime: Transaction Unlock Time unlocktime: Tiempo de Desbloqueo de Transacción
viewkey: View Key viewkey: Clave de Visualización
wallet: Wallet wallet: Monedero
blog: blog:
title_1: Todas title_1: Todas
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