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Importing the Blockchain users guide 
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title: Importing the Monero Blockchain from an outside source
# Importing the Blockchain to Monero GUI wallet (Windows)
### Step 1
Download the Current bootstrap from; you can skip this step if you are importing the Blockchain from another source.
### Step 2
Find the path of your Monero wallet (the folder where you extracted your wallet). For example mine is:
Your path may be different depending on where you decided to download your wallet and what version of the Monero wallet you have.
### Step 3
Find the path of your downloaded Blockchain for example mine was:
Yours might be different depending on where you downloaded the Blockchain to.
### Step 4
Open a Command Prompt window. You can do this by pressing the Windows key + R, and then typing in the popup box `CMD`
### Step 5
Now you need to navigate using the CMD window to the path of your Monero wallet. You can do this by typing:
It should look something like:
`cd D:\monero-gui-`
If your Monero wallet is on another drive you can use `DriveLetter:` for example if your Monero wallet was on your D drive then before using the cd command you would do `D:`
### Step 6
Now type in your command prompt window:
`monero-blockchain-import --verify 1 --input-file C:\YOUR\BLOCKCHAIN\FILE\PATH\HERE`
For example I would type :
`monero-blockchain-import --verify 1 --input-file C:\Users\KeeJef\Downloads\blockchain.raw`
If you downloaded the Blockchain from a trusted, reputable source you may set `verify 0` this will reduce the amount of time to sync the Blockchain.
### Step 7
After the the Blockchain has finished syncing up you can open your Monero wallet normally. Your downloaded blockchain.raw can be deleted.
Author: Kee Jefferys
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[Importing the Monero blockchain](importing_blockchain.html)
[How to run a node on VPS](vps_run_node.html)
[Securely purchasing and storing Monero](securely_purchase.html)
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