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......@@ -62,14 +62,6 @@ index:
why_2: "It has a a strong core team actively developing Monero, along with an amazing group of of mathematicians, cryptographers, developers, and marketing specialists actively working on it"
why_3: "A great deal of focus has been placed on improving the usability of Monero, with the aim of providing a cryptocurrency that is more readily accessible to end users"
why_4: "It was launched fairly and evenly, with no single entity unfairly controlling any significant amount of Monero or providing any sort of unfair advantage (such as an 'instamine' or 'premine')"
behind: Who is behind
davidlatapie_bio: "David Latapie is a French publisher, transhumanist and crypto enthusiast who worked on various cryptocurrencies, and focuses on the societal changes brought by cryptos and the blockchain technology."
fluffypony_bio: "Based out of South Africa, Riccardo brings a strong business acumen and a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies to the table. He has been involved with cryptocurrency related projects since 2012."
tacotime_bio: "It's taco time!"
smooth_bio: "A software developer, entrepreneur and investor who has been involved several cryptocurrency projects since 2011, including development of the first multicurrency exchange (initially supporting Bitcoin and Namecoin). As one of the most trusted members of the community, smooth recognized the potential for Monero to revolutionize cryptocurrencies by incorporating strong integrated financial privacy with a constant focus on community participation and developer integrity."
othe_bio: "othe bio"
eizh_bio: "eizh bio"
noodledoodle_bio: "NoodleDoodle bio"
how_do_i: "How do I "
get_started: get started
get_started_1: "The fastest way to start using Monero is by using a web wallet such as "
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