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- Download the [official binaries]( or compile the last source available on [Github](
- Extract the files with the archive manager (same as Winzip on Windows). Note the path where the files "bitmonerod" and "simplewallet" are
- You only need to do this step once : open a terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and install the required dependencies by typing : "*sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev libssl-dev libevent-dev libdb++-dev*"
- This step is optional : download the [blockchain]( and save it in "/home/yourUserName/.bitmonero/"
- Open a terminal and load the path where your binaries are extracted (cf. step 2) by typing : "*cd yourPathFromStep2*"
- Load bitmonerod by typing in your terminal : "*./bitmonerod*". Wait for the synchronisation with the network (bitmonerod is updating the blockchain you have downloaded in step 4 or is downloading it from scratch). This can take a lot of time the first time, so be patient
- Once bitmonerod is synchronised with the network, open a new terminal, change the directory (cf. step 5), and launch simplewallet by typing "*./simplewallet*"
- Enter the name you want for your portfolio and follow the instructions from the terminal
- To exit bitmonerod or simplewallet just type "*exit*" in the associated terminal
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