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mrl7_abstract: This technical note generalizes the concept of spend outputs using basic set theory. The definition captures a variety of earlier work on identifying such outputs. We quantify the effects of this analysis on the Monero blockchain and give a brief overview of mitigations.
mrl8: Dual Linkable Ring Signatures
mrl8_abstract: This bulletin describes a modification to Monero's linkable ring signature scheme that permits dual-key outputs as ring members. Key images are tied to both output one-time public keys in a dual, preventing both keys in that transaction from being spent separately. This method has applications to non-interactive refund transactions. We discuss the security implications of the scheme.
mrl9: Thring Signatures and their Applications to Spender-Ambiguous Digital Currencies
mrl9_abstract: We present threshold ring multi-signatures (\textit{thring signatures}) for collaborative computation of ring signatures, present a game of existential forgery for thring signatures, and discuss uses of thring signatures in digital currencies that include spender-ambiguous cross-chain atomic swaps for confidential amounts without a trusted setup. We present an implementation of thring signatures that we call linkable spontaneous threshold anonymous group signatures, and prove the implementation existentially unforgeable.
cryptonote: Cryptonote Whitepapers
cryptonote-whitepaper: Cryptonote Whitepaper
cryptonote-whitepaper_para: This is the original cryptonote paper written by the cryptonote team. Reading it will give an understanding about how the cryptonote algorithm works in general.
......@@ -16,6 +16,18 @@ permalink: /resources/research-lab/index.html
<div class="col"><h2>{% t research-lab.mrl_papers %}</h2></div>
<div class="tab">
<input id="tab-9" type="checkbox" name="tabs" class="accordion">
<label for="tab-9" class="accordion">MRL-0009: {% t research-lab.mrl9 %}</label>
<div class="tab-content">
<p><strong>{% t research-lab.abstract %}:</strong> {% t research-lab.mrl9_abstract %}
<a target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" href="{{site.baseurl}}/resources/research-lab/pubs/MRL-0009.pdf">{% t %}</a>
<div class="tab">
<input id="tab-8" type="checkbox" name="tabs" class="accordion">
<label for="tab-8" class="accordion">MRL-0008: {% t research-lab.mrl8 %}</label>
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