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# Summary
Work-in-progress by gingeropolous
## Review
Lots of stuff done in the past 2 weeks:
- v2 block tests
- flattened CMake issues (DNSSEC will work again)
- the possibilities of inconstent database state and the mempool transactions "have been clobbered"
Amongst other stuff not mentioned, but copying here from moneromoos milestone work:
- fixes for the wallet creating txes over max size the daemon will accept
- more work on tests (including tests for the MRL-0004 changes)
- going through all the V1/V2 stuff to catch what I saw was wrong
- fix for txes not expiring from pool due to other nodes coming online regularly
- better handling of pending/failed txes in simplewallet
- new command/RPC to flush txes from the txpool
- preventing two daemons from using the same data dir concurrently
- more intelligent handling against duplicate outs
## RingCT
Shen is almost done with reference code, volunteers needed to actually implement. warptangent takes on the db stuff.
When RingCT gets merged, will be a good time to merge other database formats. DB format changes - build a converter that "upgrades" format changes. It's left open, but hyc agrees to tackle it later.
## Dev Branch
This has become the bastard child of Monero development apparently. Lines 82 - 167 encompass discussion on this topic. The goal is "to merge back to the dev branch" Ultimately the decision is to hack at it for a bit and reevalauate in next meeting.
> <moneromooo> What I'll do it hack at it to make it work better, really. All that's needed is time without the problem of a release coming too quick.
Godspeed moneromooo.
## Hardforks
The next fork (RingCT) will be the last time any modifications of the hardfork schedule are permitted.
# Logs
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