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### Operating Systems: Ubuntu
Note : In order to create a viewonly wallet you need first to compile the last source available on [Github]( as this functionality is not yet included in the official binairies (Sept. 2015).
- To create a view only wallet you will need to first create a "normal" wallet and get the associated viewkey and address. You can get them once logged in simplewallet by typing "*viewkey*" and "*address*". Note each of them carefully and exit simplewallet.
- Launch a new instance of simplewallet by typing "*./simplewallet --generate-from-view-key yourViewKey:yourAddress:nameOfTheViewOnlyWallet*" where *youViewKey* is the view key you got from step 1 and *yourAddress* the associated address. The last part of the command is the name you want to give to give to you view only portfolio.
- Follow the instructions from the terminal. To see the balance of your portfolio type "*refresh*" (bitmonerod need to be synchronised with the network first).
- You now have a view only wallet.
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