Commit 7696a933 authored by Matt Smith's avatar Matt Smith
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Add more channels to irc.yml

* Add #monero-ffs
* Add #monero-offtopic
parent 79190ecd
......@@ -4,8 +4,12 @@
description: This channel is for the Monero community to congretate and discuss ideas.
- channel: monero-dev
description: The many contributors and developers come here to discuss dev-y things.
- channel: monero-ffs
description: Regarding the Monero forum funding system.
- channel: monero-markets
description: We use this channel to talk about the price of Monero and other coins.
- channel: monero-offtopic
description: Chatting with other Monero users about things not related to Monero.
- channel: monero-otc
description: Over the counter Monero. Come here to purchase XMR from your fellow Moneron.
- channel: monero-pools
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