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......@@ -275,10 +275,3 @@ An overview can be read here:
**\<fluffypony>** kk
**\<fluffypony>** ok so I think let's move on to Kovri - anonimal, the floor is yours
**\<dEBRUYNE>** \<moneromooo> Rewrite, not contunue, AFAIK. <= Correct. Rewrite is in a sense also continue right? :P
**\<smooth>** hi guys, sorry i missed the meeting. Very interesting conversation. One thing stuck out at me:
**\<smooth>** 16:34 < yrashk> moneromooo: I guess it is highly dependent on the nature of the project — how many bad actors are actually interested to disrupt the project
**\<smooth>** I'd say that cryptocurrency is a pretty extreme case here in the negative. It is highly competitive and potentially contentious
**\<smooth>** both short and long term there are probably more people who want to disrupt and undermine than some other type of software
**\<smooth>** like a database engine, messaging system, etc.
**\<smooth>** which does not necessarily reach any conclusion but an obvious factor to consider
**\<fluffypony>** smooth: agreed - which, at least from my perspective, means that giving those actors any opportunity to waste our individual and collective time is a bad thing
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