Commit f6919c4e authored by luigi1111's avatar luigi1111
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Merge !1000

Moneropedia ruby script tweak for 5 letter country code (ie. pt-br)

See merge request monero-project/monero-site!1000
parents 0713ad8a df474233
......@@ -81,8 +81,13 @@ module Jekyll
# Getting language from tag, and cleaning it
if content.include? '@lang_tag_'
lang = content[/\@lang_tag_\w{2}/][-2, 2].downcase
if ( content =~ /\@lang_tag_\w{2}-\w{2}/ )
lang = content[/\@lang_tag_\w{2}-\w{2}/][-5, 5].downcase;
content = content.gsub(/(\@lang_tag_\w{2}-\w{2}\n)/i, "")
lang = content[/\@lang_tag_\w{2}/][-2, 2].downcase;
content = content.gsub(/(\@lang_tag_\w{2}\n)/i, "")
# Jekyll.logger.warn YAML::dump(@@moneropedia_ordered)
if content.include? '@moneropedia_index'
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