1. 02 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      Downloads: clarify that checksum is SHA256 · 5a4c265b
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      Despite the obviousness of the length of the hash, and the fact that
      there is a small note on the page noting the type of hash, the point
      should be made clearly and quickly.
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      fix merge conflict · 9e669d3a
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      Merge pull request #186 · 6f91672c
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      cb906768 Moneropedia: fix ESL typo (thanks expez) (anonimal)
      03403028 Moneropedia: fix typos (thanks expez) (anonimal)
      2253372f Moneropedia: fix typo/tense in Address-Book (thanks expez) (anonimal)
      59b605e4 Moneropedia: misc typo/grammar cleanup (thanks olark) (anonimal)
      85e28fbf Moneropedia: add Comparison page link in I2P entry (anonimal)
      613995da Moneropedia: finish Garlic-Encryption (anonimal)
      27214fd5 Moneropedia: finish Network-Database entry (anonimal)
      acf07a38 Moneropedia: finish I2PControl entry (anonimal)
      d7c43608 Moneropedia: create Message entry and fill-in I2NP (anonimal)
      d30a679a Moneropedia: update Garlic-Routing/Encryption entries (anonimal)
      b26760ea Moneropedia: update/finish initial Tunnel entry (anonimal)
      77d6cde3 Moneropedia: cleanup I2P entry (anonimal)
      841f7c1e Moneropedia: resolve various unfinished entries (anonimal)
      d2247103 Moneropedia: update/finish initial Kovri entry (anonimal)
      31af0214 Moneropedia: link to Signature term in Encryption (anonimal)
      2681940c Moneropedia: clarify Garlic Routing, add I2PControl (anonimal)
      1af1de08 Moneropedia: add Encryption related entries (anonimal)
      3761e3b0 Moneropedia: clarify type of I2P in Clearnet entry (anonimal)
      313b0694 Moneropedia: update NTCP/SSU/Transports entries (anonimal)
      92b84620 Moneropedia: add Transports/SSU/NTCP (anonimal)
      000e95cf Moneropedia: add/update/cleanup/fix entries (anonimal)
      e6661fce Moneropedia: cleanup Java-I2P entry (anonimal)
      7fda45bd Moneropedia: remove redundant links + fix grammar (anonimal)
      bfa7a611 Moneropedia: add empty Lease-Set entry (anonimal)
      ce3dc6f5 Moneropedia: add Router-Info and Floodfill entries (anonimal)
      8af4ba7f Moneropedia: add Reseed/Network Database/Router-Info entries (anonimal)
      32f4f063 Moneropedia: add Matryoshka doll comment in Garlic Routing (anonimal)
      13a74cf4 Moneropedia: replace Onion Routing URL (anonimal)
      40cebc78 Moneropedia: add wikipedia URLs for Nick/Roger (anonimal)
      e8aa590f Moneropedia: add Clearnet entry (anonimal)
      9e7e99b5 Moneropedia: edit Eepsite and Garlic Routing entries (anonimal)
      9658bc60 Moneropedia: add Eepsite and Garlic Routing entries (anonimal)
      e9e52575 Moneropedia: simplify address book's summary (anonimal)
      e6ac646e Moneropedia: add Kovri note to I2P entry (anonimal)
      87673cc3 Moneropedia: initial commit for monero-project/kovri#256 (anonimal)
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      Merge pull request #185 · b11d7c22
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      1ac31415 about.md (Kelli Lee)
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