1. 10 Apr, 2020 1 commit
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      Revamp of the FAQ · 6dd7c600
      erciccione authored
      - Added anchors. Visible when hovering on the tabs
      - Added "More info:", which links to related sections on getmonero (contributing, user guides, etc)
      - Added toc
      - Added links to related Moneropedia entries in the answers
      - Added side box with more resources and info
      - 10 new questions/answers:
      	- Can I avoid to download the entire blockchain?
      	- why my wallet needs to be scanned everytime I open it?
      	- Is it dangerous to run a personal node?
      	- Is it dangerous to use a remote node? what's the data a node operator can get from me?
      	- How can I contribute?
      	- What's the meaning of [technical word]?
      	- What wallet should I use?
      	- Can't see funds. Did I just lose all my Monero?
      	- How can I connect my node via Tor?
      	- Why does the blockchain need so much space?
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      FAQ: add common sense FAQs · d9be340e
      moneromooo-monero authored
      Some people apparenly lack such common sense, but get angry at not
      being told in LARGE LETTERS than having common sense is better than not.
  7. 03 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      Moneropedia relocalized · 4c1e8dd8
      el00ruobuob authored
      + correction on Italian Account
      + Removed leftover miners.md (replaced by mining.md)
      + Removed Dust and update Copyright
      + Code improvement to avoid reading the config file and to use the builtin jekyll config variable passed in the content
      + Ammount.md:25/26 glitch "\@transaction-privacy" corrected. PL to be checked twice.
      + Italian ammount.md moneropedia links corrected (terms added to destination entries, unnecessary markdown links removed)
      + Polish corrections
      + extend ruby \word-boundary in regex to match `-based` `-like` `-form`
      + Updated readme according to the new way to add or translate a moneropedia entry
      + fix mining with CryptoNight variant
      + rebased to include AR
      + chery picked #820 to avoid conflicts
  8. 26 May, 2018 1 commit
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      Diego Salazar authored
      - Deleted flippin' template directories (unnecessary now)
      - Moved all cussin' HTML to root files instead of in _i18n folder (except for guides)
      - Replaced all freakin' strings with liquid translation tags
      - Added all Kevin' strings for each language already merged to their respective .yml files
      - 40 seconds of testing before sending PR
      Signed-off-by: Diego Salazar's avatarrehrar <[email protected]>
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      Fix a FAQ tab · 32a1c971
      cryptochangements34 authored
      The proper CSS class was changed from "accordian" to "accordion". The "If Monero is so private how do we know they're not being created out of thin air?" section got left out when the change was made which results in the ugly default checkbox being used instead of rehrar's custom CSS
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      FFS Finished · 081f5d24
      D Sal authored
      - Added Milestone capabilities
      - Added and custom styled comments
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