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      Guides versioning · 9843b586
      el00ruobuob authored and el00ruobuob's avatar el00ruobuob committed
      + All guides are version
      + Major diff on Polish daemon RPC guide
      + Minor diff on Polish daemon RPC guide
      + yml completed for en, fr, pl, it, es
      + Instructions updated on readme.md:
        - For Guide création: adding the mainversion to the /ressources/user-guides, the guide version and the translation snippet to the localized files
        - For Guides update: how, where and why handling the version number.
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      Add Windows binary verification guide, fix errors · 7edf03f7
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      Add user-guide for Windows binary verification, add entry to index.md, and add images to png/ dir.
      Fix some jekyll serve errors pertaining to the Qubes/Whonix isolation guide:
      + In resources/user-guides/cli_wallet_daemon_isolation_qubes_whonix.md change from `static_page` to `user-guide`. Fixes error: `Missing i18n key: en:CLI Wallet/Daemon Isolation with Qubes + Whonix`.
      + Qubes/Whonix guide was missing from Italian lang section, prevented serving site. Apparently this also alphabetized the Italian lang sections index when I copied an index.md from another lang there.