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Translation of Mastering Monero into Brazilian Portuguese

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title: Translation of Mastering Monero into Brazilian Portuguese
author: netrik182
date: April 13, 2020
- name: Milestone 1 - Translation of Mastering Monero
funds: 37
status: unfinished
- date:
- date:
# Why Brazilian Portuguese?
According to this [article](, Brazil has over 1 million people registered with national brokers to invest in crypto and investors have even outnumbered those who invest in the stock market. Yet, only 5% of it's population states that they have some English knowledge. The level among those that state they know English are: basic (47%), intermediate (32%), advanced (16%) and actually doesn't know (5%)<sup>[source](</sup>.
Moreover, Portuguese is the sixth [most spoken]( language worldwide, with 215 million native speakers. It is the official language of not only Portugal and Brazil but also Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Macau (China), Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, East Timor, and Goa (India). There are almost a million native-Portuguese speakers in the USA.
# Ok. But why Mastering Monero?
In addition to being an excellent and insightful resource about Monero, the GUI Wallet and are already almost fully translated into Brazilian Portuguese. I wondered which other materials I could help bring to Portuguese speakers and Mastering Monero and Zero to Monero 2 seemed the next ones.
My initial intend was to translate Zero to Monero 2 as well, but after talking with some community members I decided to go for Mastering Monero first.
# Who am I?
Most of you probably don't know me yet. I'm a Monero contributor for some time now but much longer /r/Monero lurker for sure. I've been silently working with translation ever since I discovered I could give back to this amazing community by translating Monero stuff and helping spread the word.
Below you can find most of the work I've done so far.
## Profiles
My [profile]( where I contributed before Pootle (and now Weblate) was a thing.
My Weblate [profile]( where I contribute to and Monero GUI translations.
## Monero Means Money
Provided the transcription and captions for the movie. You can check it here: [](
## Monero Outreach
I contributed with translation, transcription and revision of many outreach materials, for example:
* [Getting Started with Helping Monero](
* [Transaction Efficiency at MoneroKon](
* [Elephant in the Pool at MoneroKon](
* [Money at the Edge at MoneroKon](
* [Moderating Monero at MoneroKon](
* [Breaking Monero EP4](
* [PSA: Know your Forks](
* [PSA: Learning and PSA: Wallet](
* [Fundamental Right to Privacy](
* [Guerilla Marketing](
* [About and other pages]( from
* [Monero Quick Facts](
* [The Sleeping Giant of Cryptocurrency](
## Monero GUI
Most of my contributions to GUI Wallet are on Weblate now. But here are the contributions I made on github.
* Monero Core [here](
* And [here](
## Monerujo
Translation of Monejuro strings:
* [Help and Node pages](
## Monero Ecosystem
Updated and complemented a while back the terminology guide to help other contributors find technical terms in our native language.
* [Terminology Guide](
# Costs
Mastering Monero has ~~roughly 38500 [words]( exactly 37.151 words. I'm asking for ~~37~~ ~~34~~ 37 xmr. At a rate of ~~$52~~ ~~$58~~ $55 that rounds to about $0.055/word.
This proposal won't affect my other volunteer contributions and I'll keep helping the workgroups as I currently do. As a side effect of this work, I'll update/complement the [glossary available on Weblate](
I estimate 4-5.5 weeks to complete it and you'll be able to follow my progress on github. Should you have any considerations, think my word-counting is wrong or the rates unfair, I'm open to change any content of this proposal.
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