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Resubmit Chris proposal

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layout: fr
title: "Norwegian translation of webplate, footers, nav menu"
author: Chris Avis
amount: 6
- name: Translation of all words
funds: 6
status: unfinished
- date:
This is a proposal to translate the core part of the website (7615 words), navigation menu (147 words), footer 1 (142 words) &
footer 2 (5 words) to Norwegian, amounting to 7909 words. I think that those Norwegians who are not as sturdy in English will
appreciate being able to learn what Monero is about in their native language. I would like to help facilitate this and to
make sure they understand Monero better by providing a solid translation.
About one month ago I translated the GUI wallet to Norwegian. I spent quite some time on this translation as I
wanted everything to be right, and it seems that the reviewers were pleased with my work. I previously asked for
3 XMR to translate the GUI wallet (3489 words). Given the same XMR/word ratio, this equates to just below 7 XMR.
To compensate for values that should not have been counted in my text editor, I suggest deducting 1 XMR for this, so I
ask for a final amount of 6 XMR. The translation will consist of one milestone – the translation of all 7909 words. I will translate
the content and I expect to use 3-4 days on translating this.
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