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Dev meeting logs of 2019-05-05

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layout: post
title: Overview and Logs for the Dev Meeting Held on 2019-05-05
summary: Development status, Code & ticket discussion, and miscellaneous
tags: [dev diaries, core, crypto]
author: el00ruobuob / rehrar
# Logs
**\<xmrmatterbridge> \<rehrar>** Meeting?
**\<rbrunner>** It would be time for one, yes
**\<rehrar>** 1. Meetings Greetings
**\<rehrar>** h'lo
**\<moneromooo>** We're waiting for 5509 to be finished before branching.
**\<rehrar>** that's how moneromooo always says hello, don't worry
**\<hyc>** hi
**\<rehrar>** 2. What's been done since the previous meeting?
**\<rbrunner>** ... a month ago, if I remember correctly
**\<rehrar>** Something like that. :P So in theory at least a few things got done.
**\<rehrar>** is dsc\_ dEBRUYNE selsta around give a gui update?
**\<rehrar>** and maybe moneromooo can say something, although he kind of did already
**\<moneromooo>** hi
**\<dEBRUYNE>** I am here
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Suppose I can give a quick GUI update
**\<rehrar>** please do
**\<dEBRUYNE>** The white theme got merged finally! It also includes a lot of other UI improvements
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Trezor support has been finalized
**\<dEBRUYNE>** We've also updated the QT version to 5.9.7, because QT 5.7 was kind of holding us back due to a few bugs being present in it
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Also QT 5.9.7 allows us to use more features etc.
**\<dEBRUYNE>** An update popup was also implemented, it basically checks whether a new version is available and shows a little pop up if yes
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Fiat pricing will also be merged soon^tm, note that it will be turned off by default
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Update popup can be seen here fwiw ->
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Other than that, the usual lots of optimizations and bug fixes :P
**\<dEBRUYNE>** We're essentially ready for the upcoming release too
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Just need to merge a few remaining PRs, wait for the translations, and do some testing
**\<dEBRUYNE>** That's kind of it I guess :p
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Oh one more thing, for 0.15 we'll be revamping the send page / flow to make it more intuitive ->
**\<rbrunner>** Looks like it will be a interesting release
**\<rehrar>** Awesome. And where's the core software in the process of point release? they are planning to have one, right?
**\<rehrar>** oh, well moneromooo did kind of state at the start
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Yeah after 5509 is resolved we're branching as far as I know
**\<moneromooo>** It just needs vtnerd to review (and hopefully not say it's total shite and needs rewriting :P)
**\<rehrar>** and then waiting on pony shenanigans?
**\<rbrunner>** Is it sure already that it will have the version
**\<rbrunner>** If yes, I can make the few trivial updates for the installer for that
**\<moneromooo>** Almost certainly.
**\<moneromooo>** But there will likely be etc soon afterwards.
**\<rbrunner>** You mean
**\<dsc\_>** Ill focus on: pruning/moneroseed handler/automatic mining from within the GUI next, after that TOR/I2P
**\<moneromooo>** Yes, I do, thanks.
**\<rehrar>** sad dsc\_. Mobile one day?
**\<dEBRUYNE>** moneromooo: Are we building directly after branching or will there be some time for testing first?
**\<dsc\_>** rehrar: Where's my Librem dev kit? :)
**\<moneromooo>** Both I think.
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Oki
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Anyone from the RandomX team here to provide an update?
**\<dEBRUYNE>** tevador, sech1, hyc?
**\<rehrar>** dsc\_: I'll literally beg on the streets for you to get one
**\<selsta>** 19:15 \<rehrar> sad dsc\_. Mobile one day? \<-- We don’t really have resources for mobile atm.
**\<hyc>** sure
**\<hyc>** randomx code freeze was april39
**\<hyc>** 30
**\<hyc>** we have 2 review proposals and a 3rd team isprepping one
**\<hyc>** I have a preliminary randomx integration with monerod in my github repo
**\<hyc>** tevador is still playing with cpu optimizations
**\<rehrar>** the review proposals will require XMR, yes?
**\<rehrar>** via CCS?
**\<hyc>** sech1 has nearly finished a CUDAversion
**\<hyc>** yes
**\<rehrar>** let me know if you guys require any help getting the CCS proposal up for them
**\<rbrunner>** Will be intesting to see how fast CUDA will be
**\<hyc>** thanks. waiting for 3rd proposal
**\<sech1>** I estimate CUDA version will have the same hashrate on RandomX as with Cryptonight, maybe even faster
**\<sech1>** It's like 80% complete now
**\<rehrar>** this is kind of really exciting stuff, and I'm super giddy that Monero (via you guys) are on the forefront of this
**\<rbrunner>** Is that earlier than originally feared / planned?
**\<hyc>** rbrunner wdy mean
**\<rbrunner>** The CUDA version. I am a little surprised it's almost ready already
**\<sech1>** It's not hard to implement
**\<rbrunner>** But somebody must do it :)
**\<sech1>** But the remaining 20% might take longer, it's the hardest part to do without losing much hashrate
**\<hyc>** yes, so it's beingdone
**\<hyc>** lol. the last 20% always takes the most time...
**\<rbrunner>** True that
**\<rehrar>** hyc any time frame on the 3rd team proposal?
**\<rehrar>** and kind of the CCS in general?
**\<rehrar>** this probably won't get in this upcoming fork, correct?
**\<hyc>** I suppose we'll see the 3rd proposal this week
**\<hyc>** we'll present all 3 for discussion in this channel, decide what to move forward on
**\<sech1>** You can watch my progress with CUDA version here:\_CUDA/
**\<hyc>** if we have reviews completed by July I think we can roll out in October
**\<hyc>** I expect to have fully working testnet monerod in time for monerokon
**\<dEBRUYNE>** rehrar: I don't see why not if we have integration ready + reviews finished by the end of June
**\<rehrar>** That's awfully exciting. Thanks for sharing the news on this.
**\<dEBRUYNE>** The october fork is then still ~3.5 months away
**\<rehrar>** so I guess I shouldn't buy any more GPUs at the moment for my little 2 GPU miner
**\<hyc>** as sech1 noted, GPU hashrate will be comparable to cryptonight
**\<hyc>** but CPU rate is much higher than cryptonight
**\<dEBRUYNE>** I guess we'll see GPU mining as long as it is profitable
**\<hyc>** yeah, no reason why not
**\<hyc>** anyone interested in writing minig
**\<hyc>** mining code can get current rev from randomx repo
**\<hyc>** final docs/specs arethere now
**\<sech1>** actually, it's the dev branch of randomx repo which is up to date
**\<hyc>** ^ tevador says all merged to master now
**\<sech1>** nice
**\<rehrar>** I have a mac (for website testing). Maybe I can give it a shot.
**\<rehrar>** But I'd have to build from source, right?
**\<moneromooo>** Yes.
**\<moneromooo>** Or I guess you can grab a binary from that PR.
**\<dsc\_>** what does 'SSL' between wallet and daemon mean?
**\<dsc\_>** between monero-wallet-cli and monerod?
**\<moneromooo>** Data sent back and forth gets encrypted.
**\<moneromooo>** Yes.
**\<vtnerd\_>** moneromooo : I have a mac for testing too
**\<dsc\_>** gotcha. Ill try to test..
**\<vtnerd\_>** the issue is that I think I have a custom openssl build instead of whatever comes with the system, which is probably what you want to be tested ?
**\<moneromooo>** Well, mostly, but a custom one can't be bad either. Might find some corner case.
**\<rehrar>** moneromooo: I'll put it in the Revuo as well as a volunteer opportunity?
**\<rehrar>** though it'd help to have instructions on how to test
**\<rehrar>** maybe I can talk with you later and do a write up
**\<moneromooo>** Well, I kinda hope it'll be done and merged within a day now that vtnerd's around to review ^\_^
**\<rehrar>** ah, I see.
**\<rehrar>** no worries then
**\<moneromooo>** Thanks though
**\<rehrar>** alright, any other meeting items?
**\<rehrar>** Just the logs of this meeting (if/when posted) will be enough to excite the community I think
**\<rehrar>** pump back up to 500 dollah
**\<rehrar>** jk jk don't ban
**\<rehrar>** Alright, if there's nothing else, I think we can call it here. thanks for the check in everyone.
**\<hyc>** byebye
**\<rbrunner>** Thanks
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