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Meeting Logs for the week of 2019-05-06:

- MRL Meeting log (2019-05-06)
- tini2p Meeting log (2019-05-09)
- Community Meeting log (2019-05-11)
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title: Logs for the Monero Research Lab Meeting Held on 2019-05-06
summary: Sarang work, Surae work, and miscellaneous
tags: [community, crypto, research]
author: el00ruobuob / sarang
# Logs
**\<sarang>** OK, let's begin
**\<sarang>** ping suraeNoether et al.
**\<sarang>** First on the agenda, GREETINGS
**\<sarang>** hello
**\<sgp\_>** hello
**\<sarang>** I'll wait a couple of minutes to see if others join
**\<suraeNoether>** hey guys
**\<suraeNoether>** thank you for your patience
**\<sarang>** Since suraeNoether went first last time, I'll go first in the ROUNDTABLE
**\<sarang>** the DLSAG signature paper has been submitted to a conference in a short form, and the IACR preprint is forthcoming
**\<sarang>** Thanks to our coauthors for their excellent work on this
**\<sarang>** The submission process is arduous and irritating
**\<sarang>** Zcoin published an intriguing Zerocoin protocol flaw recently:
**\<sarang>** Sooooo we won't be switching to Zerocoin anytime soon!
**\<sarang>** My monthly report is available on CCS:\_requests/34#note\_5903
**\<suraeNoether>** is there an issue with DLSAG key images that will impact the publication process?
**\<sarang>** I updated the CLSAG protocol code to reflect key prefixing, which had been left out mistakenly
**\<sarang>** Doubtful
**\<sarang>** It's an interesting construction regardless
**\<sarang>** moneromooo asked about doing a CLSAG key image offset (like we do in BPs) to save time while avoiding subgroup issues
**\<sarang>** Doing so would save ~315 us per signature on my test machine
**\<sarang>** But it was also noted that there could easily be room for error depending on implementation
**\<sarang>** Note that the CLSAG test code already performs this offset on the auxiliary key image, but this isn't used for linking anyway
**\<sarang>** I had also been interested in BP generalizations to arbitrary input lengths
**\<sarang>** I have code for it:
**\<sarang>** Unfortunately this requires the verifier to compute all inner product rounds and loses computational efficiency
**\<sarang>** It may be possible to modify the algorithm to do the single-round version, but it is not clear to me how to do so cleanly
**\<sarang>** Currently, I'm working on updating some formal definitions for suraeNoether for CLSAG, and have been doing some code and timing tests for a paper that was presented to me
**\<sarang>** Any particular questions on this work?
**\<suraeNoether>** just curious when you sleep :D
**\<sarang>** lol
**\<sarang>** Go ahead, suraeNoether !
**\<suraeNoether>** my update is shorter: unforgeability proof for CLSAG is nearly complete, but I'm holding off on continuing to write on this before I get some comments back from sarang. some of my protocols as described have a few mismatches with our current approaches, and I don't want to write proofs for the wrong protocols.
**\<suraeNoether>** i'm working on my talk for the magical crypto conference (i'm leaving tomorrow for that and I'll be back home on sunday)
**\<sarang>** Well, they'd be correct for our implementation AFAICT, but not for a neat generalization you were working on
**\<suraeNoether>** oh! well, still
**\<suraeNoether>** since the proofs will be for the general case
**\<sarang>** Right
**\<suraeNoether>** anyway, i'm also trying to solve a problem with the dlsag key images that I thought had been solved, and I'm continuing to review a semi-secret paper for a colleague
**\<suraeNoether>** (the last semi-secret paper ended up being DLSAG, which is the groundwork for monero lightning, so y'all know if we're keeping it semi-secret it's pretty neato burrito)
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Is that semi-secrit paper related to Monero?
**\<suraeNoether>** my action items for today involve a breaking monero episode, further DLSAG research, further semi-secret research, and writing my MCC talk
**\<suraeNoether>** dEBRUYNE: yes
**\<dEBRUYNE>** Cool
**\<suraeNoether>** but i can't go further yet
**\<sgp\_>** when is the earliest you expect to switch back to the bipartite graph paper?
**\<suraeNoether>** in being public about the contents, I mean
**\<suraeNoether>** sgp\_: thank you for reminding me about that, this is an ongoing project, sgp\_, and I've been putting in work regularly on that paper to try to get my simulations working appropriately.
**\<suraeNoether>** actually putting work regularly into the simulations, because the paper is on hold until the sims are done
**\<suraeNoether>** sarang and I are trading some projects back and forth; when i hand him clsag or dlsag, i work on MRL11 until he hands me something back, and it's like the tides
**\<suraeNoether>** :P
**\<suraeNoether>** i don't have a good timeline on completing it and getting results, however
**\<sgp\_>** All I'm doing is making sure is that it doesn't fall by the wayside. There are a million things to do, I just want to make sure this remains in the top 3
**\<suraeNoether>** ^ absolutely
**\<suraeNoether>** i'll make a little descriptive blurb and make a link to it here later today so that people can see the current state of the thing
**\<sarang>** perfect
**\<sarang>** Any other questions for suraeNoether ?
**\<suraeNoether>** i want to ensure that folks in the community are aware of the progress on each of these projects, and we definitely have a \*lot\* of projects/spinning plates
**\<sarang>** If anyone else has relevant research to present, now is a great time
**\<sgp\_>** none from me. looking forward to seeing the MCC recording/slides
**\<sarang>** As am I
**\<sarang>** Ok, how about ACTION ITEMS
**\<sarang>** I'll be rewriting some definitions today to streamline suraeNoether's CLSAG generalization for the proofs
**\<sarang>** Finishing up that timing data I mentioned earlier
**\<sarang>** getting another couple of Breaking Monero out the door
**\<sarang>** Reviewing some output selection stuff
**\<sarang>** etc.
**\<sarang>** Others?
**\<suraeNoether>** I mentioned mine already
**\<sarang>** that you did
**\<suraeNoether>** and sgp\_ reminded me to re-add matching to my list
**\<suraeNoether>** does anyone have any questions about konferenco or complaints or more action items to be added to the list of stuff to do for the research conference?
**\<suraeNoether>** i'm asking this because sgp\_ just reminded me how human and fallible my memory is for big lists of stuff to do :D
**\<sarang>** The speaking agenda for the conference is all set?
**\<suraeNoether>** yep, i believe i'm waiting on two TBA titles. i need to add two sponsors to our list, Tari and Symas
**\<sarang>** I'm excited to speak and serve as panel moderator
**\<suraeNoether>** those sponsors are on the t-shirt design, but not the website
**\<suraeNoether>** oh man that's going to be a good panel
**\<suraeNoether>** i'm anticipating pretty rough questions for Voorhees and Gavigan actually
**\<sarang>** FYI questions for the panel will be submitted by the audience and then selected by moderators
**\<sarang>** to ensure quality and avoid the inevitable "a few follow-up questions..."
**\<sarang>** Since we have time, here's an open question... now that the next point release is being finalized, any thoughts from the room about desired changes for the next network upgrade?
**\<suraeNoether>** ^ i'm curious about this a lot
**\<suraeNoether>** the other day sarang asked me what i want to see in the next upgrade
**\<sgp\_>** another ringsize revisit. 2 output min. payment ID stuff
**\<suraeNoether>** the next big change i want to see is CLSAG, since it'll be basically cutting our blockchain rate of growth by half
**\<sarang>** 25%
**\<suraeNoether>** but 2-out min and deprecating pay\_id is on my list also
**\<sarang>** ish
**\<suraeNoether>** oh yeah there are some constants
**\<sgp\_>** any chance for dandelion++? I don't know how long this would take
**\<sarang>** Probably not by fall, but it's not consensus
**\<sarang>** any client release could do it
**\<sgp\_>** right, jut curious
**\<sgp\_>** are you anticipating any work on your end for RandomX? code is frozen and needs to be reviewed
**\<suraeNoether>** i heard a rumor that tari is looking into ristretto and monero's protocol
**\<suraeNoether>** i'm thinking we should invite someone from tari to give us an update on that for the meeting after next or something like that
**\<sarang>** sgp\_: I'm working with hyc to solicit statements of work from reviewers
**\<sarang>** We have 4 interested firms
**\<sgp\_>** great!
**\<sarang>** Once we get publicly-releasable statements we can put them on GitHub
**\<sgp\_>** do you expect those within the month?
**\<sarang>** yes
**\<suraeNoether>** i'm very excited about that
**\<suraeNoether>** are the firms all auditing firms? should we consider trying to bring in a hardware firm to assess that end of the implementation?
**\<suraeNoether>** like, code-auditing i mean
**\<sarang>** We're getting reviewers with backgrounds in hardware design
**\<sarang>** It's tough because at some level "can this be built into hardware efficiently" is answered by designing such hardware
**\<sarang>** Part of the process will be getting feedback on which reviewers' experience aligns most closely with our goals
**\<suraeNoether>** fair nuff
**\<sgp\_>** I don't have any other consensus-related questions and comments
**\<sarang>** Anyone else have any?
**\<sarang>** Righto!
**\<sarang>** In that case, thanks to everyone for participating today. Logs will be posted shortly to the GitHub agenda issue
**\<sgp\_>** I have a really quick announcement
**\<sarang>** sure
**\<sgp\_>** If you are interested in speaking, running a workshop, and/or volunteering at the Monero Village at Defcon in August, please fill out the CFP by June 3:
**\<sgp\_>** We already have some good submissions
**\<sgp\_>** (done)
**\<sarang>** When https?
**\<sgp\_>** whenever rehrar gets the time
**\<sarang>** :D
**\<sarang>** OK, we are now adjourned
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title: Overview and Logs for the tini2p Dev Meeting Held on 2019-05-09
summary: Current project status, Roadmap, Meta issues, and miscellaneous
tags: [dev diaries, i2p, crypto]
author: el00ruobuob / oneiric
# Logs
**tini2p** hi all almost time for meeting
may be chatting into the void, but posting for posterity
0: Greetings
1: Project status / What's been done
over the past couple weeks, have continued work on NetDb and I2NP implementations
have gotten through most of the data structures + processing for Garlic and other messages (except those related to Tunnels)
**tini2p** currently working on fixing a bug with DatabaseStore wrapped in Garlic, off by 3 bytes somewhere in serialization/deserialization (not sure exactly where yet)
still regularly attending I2P #ls2 meetings, and the last couple meetings were very productive!
Java I2P just released .40, big congrats to their dev team!
will continue working on Garlic, and hopefully get the message processing + networking finished by next meeting
if I finish work on Garlic, next will be tunnels
have also been doing a fair bit of global housekeeping on the codebase, which has taken a bit of time
**tini2p** oh, and updated the required c++ standard to C++17 to remove some dependency on Boost
it's not super high priority, but I am trying to eventually be Boost-free
the remaining parts are writing an endian util for big endian integers, and swapping in standalone ASIO
hopefully by the time tini2p is ready for public consumption, all supported platforms will have C++17 compilers (most do already)
all of the project management / devops related stuffs have taken a seat on the backburner
**tini2p** still need to figure out a way to run net tests on CI, probably just need to configure static ports, or an open port range on local host. not sure, so results from net tests have to be manually uploaded (not ideal)
work on I2NP / Garlic / Tunnels / NetDb are all to get to the point of being able to talk to other implementations for ECIES testing (proposal 144)
progress can be tracked on my netdb branch
2: What's to come
continued work on netdb & company
more housekeeping refactors to remove some early spaghetti code (works, but is ugly), and some refactors for correctness
**tini2p** (many thanks to those who indirectly pointed out the warts)
if time permits, will dig into some of the project management / devops stuffs. first priority there being getting CI fully functional
since the project is mainly hosted on GitLab atm, will likely be using their CI
gitea hosting is still a long-term goal, but also very low priority atm
3: Next meeting time
same time (roughly) two weeks from now: 2019-05-25 @ 18:00 UTC
**tini2p** meeting closed
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title: Logs for the Community Meeting Held on 2019-05-11
summary: Community highlights, CCS updates, Workgroup report, and miscellaneous
tags: [community, crypto]
author: el00ruobuob / SamsungGalaxyPlayer
# Logs
**\<sgp\_>** Meeting time
**\<serhack>** Hi :)
**\<sgp\_>** 0. Introduction
**\<sgp\_>** We would like to welcome everyone to this Monero Community Workgroup Meeting!
**\<sgp\_>** Link to agenda on GitHub:
**\<midipoet>** hey hey
**\<sgp\_>** Monero Community meetings are a discussion place for anything going on in the Monero Community, including other Monero workgroups. We use meetings to encourage the community to share ideas and provide support. The calendar functionality will unfortunately be shut down soon, so I’m working on another calendar option.
**\<sgp\_>** 1. Greetings
**\<Guest19860>** Ciao
**\<xmrscott[m]>** おす
**\<el00ruobuob>** Hi
**\<xmrmatterbridge> \<rehrar>** Yo bro
**\<sgp\_>** 2. Community highlights
**\<sgp\_>** rehrar now maintains news highlights at The most recent article is from 2 days ago.
**\<sgp\_>** The MCC livestream is currently live, so multitask if you can!
**\<monerobux>** [ #MCC2019 Day 1 - Magical Crypto Conference - Lightning Network & Bitcoin Without Internet - YouTube ] -
**\<sgp\_>** A recent research paper preprint was uploaded, and it caused a small stir on social media. The paper sought to quantify an important component (cost of generating many outputs), but many of its assumptions were extremely incorrect. Hopefully the authors will correct and speak with MRL before publishing more work.
**\<\_Slack> \<intj440>** hello
**\<sgp\_>** I mention this only because I want to steer the community tone to being accepting of new research, but to nevertheless politely call out fatal flaws if necessary. Reddit discussion:\_lowcost\_transaction\_flooding\_attack\_with/
**\<monerobux>** [REDDIT] FloodXMR: Low-cost transaction flooding attack with Monero’s bulletproof protocol⋆ ( to r/Monero | 54 points (82.0%) | 46 comments | Posted by McDongger | Created at 2019-05-10 - 16:05:45
**\<sgp\_>** Does anyone else have community (non-workgroup) updates to share?
**\<sgp\_>** 3. CCS updates
**\<sgp\_>** CCS proposals still needing funding:
**\<sgp\_>** GUI UX coding (3 months) (161.10/282 XMR):
**\<sgp\_>** xiphon part time coding (3 months) (74.18/111 XMR):
**\<sgp\_>** ErCiccione: Coordinator of the Localization Workgroup – March (51.50/144 XMR):
**\<sgp\_>** CCS Proposals in ideas that were previously discussed:
**\<sgp\_>** Monero currency and blockchain statistics hub (20 XMR):\_requests/58
**\<sgp\_>** CCS proposals in ideas to be discussed:
**\<sgp\_>** BtcPayServer Monero Integration (180 XMR):\_requests/63
**\<sgp\_>** Funding To Produce, Write And Record An Entirely Original Rap/Hip-Hop Anthem Exclusively For Monero (18 XMR):\_requests/65
**\<sgp\_>** Let's start with the BtcPay one
**\<sgp\_>** Any comments?
**\<el00ruobuob>** I like the idea, but has the guy ever contribute?
**\<serhack>** I'm curious. I'd like to know why 180 xmr as a bounty.
**\<Guest19860>** (not to Monero)
**\<Guest19860>** I don't think so, but his track of contributions is very good
**\<sgp\_>** I think this is one of their first times working on Monero. They previously did a lot of other work for Bitcoin
**\<serhack>** I just want to highlight 180 XMR = 13,363 USD at the moment. Does integrating Monero into the software require so much work?
**\<xmrscott[m]>** Yeah, basically addin Monero tl their existinf BTC service, I think they should be plenty fine
**\<dEBRUYNE>** serhack: I think the 180 XMR was based on the price before the rise
**\<dEBRUYNE>** So it probably has to be adjusted downwards
**\<Guest19860>** I think the "show us your love for monero first" kind of mentality works well for unknown people, but i think when the contributor can prove his/her experience, it's not strictly necessary
**\<sarang>** sgp\_: I have a note on that paper, at some point
**\<sgp\_>** sure
**\<sarang>** Someone claiming to be the author did comment on reddit
**\<sarang>** but I reached out via email directly to offer assistance in getting the paper's assumptions correct
**\<sgp\_>** What rate do you feel is reasonable?
**\<sarang>** I feel similarly... we should encourage research, but also encourage professionalism in contacting research teams
**\<serhack>** Right dEBRUYNE.
**\<Guest19860>** I agree with sarang. I think the community reacted quite well. You cannot release a paper without even verifying that your assumptions are correct, that's just sloppy work.
**\<sarang>** Of course, this is part of why preprints exists
**\<sarang>** s/exists/exist
**\<monerobux>** sarang meant to say: Of course, this is part of why preprints exist
**\<sarang>** The real test is whether the preprint gets updated to have correct data (which I'd love to see)
**\<sgp\_>** If the integration is a full 2 months of work, I think the adjusted rate is pretty reasonable
**\<serhack>** I did not consider the price. I think it's okay.
**\<el00ruobuob>** i'm ok too, as long as we could trust his profesionalism
**\<sgp\_>** Any other comments? The tool seems pretty respected
**\<ErCiccione>** +1 from me as well. I will also try to get that new library he plans to create into the Ecosystem :P
**\<sgp\_>** All right, onto the next one: the original rap/hip-hop anthem
**\<sgp\_>** This already received mostly negative feedback on Reddit
**\<xmrmatterbridge> \<rehrar>** Lol
**\<xmrmatterbridge> \<rehrar>** Bubblegum pop is the way to go, honestly.
**\<ErCiccione>** i can only think of "Dash! Dash! Dash!" when i read about that proposal.
**\<sgp\_>** yes that was a disaster
**\<el00ruobuob>** as long at it's not a k-pop cover, i say no ;)
**\<ErCiccione>** Yep, it's a No for me.
**\<sgp\_>** Any other comments on any of these proposals?
**\<ErCiccione>** just a note about the "statistics hub proposal"
**\<sgp\_>** go ahead
**\<el00ruobuob>** There is also a gingeropolous fiber proposal:\_requests/62/diffs
**\<ErCiccione>** the guy answered to some criticism rised about his proposal on gitlab, i suggested to come talk about it in a community meeting or just to come here and discuss during a random day
**\<ErCiccione>** I hope he will come because he seems to be genuine about the proposal
**\<sgp\_>** thanks for pointing them here
**\<sgp\_>** as I mentioned before, I'd like some better understanding of requirements
**\<ErCiccione>** yes i agree, as i said i hope to see him here, because some folks seem interested in that proposal, and i admit i'm curious about it
**\<sgp\_>** Anything else before we move on?
**\<xmrmatterbridge> \<rehrar>** Nah.
**\<midipoet>** My CCS got funded, so thanks to everyone that donated/supported. I know there were some concerns...
**\<xmrmatterbridge> \<rehrar>** Someone can comment the Reddit rap thread on the proposal.
**\<xmrmatterbridge> \<rehrar>** Cuz it's not there atm.
**\<sgp\_>** We can move on then
**\<midipoet>** I have yet to hear officially back from the researchers/academics. When I do, I will share.
**\<sgp\_>** 4. Workgroup report
**\<sgp\_>** a. Daemon/CLI workgroup
**\<sgp\_>** The 0.14.1 release is waiting on fluffypony to build. He’s currently focused on the Magical Crypto Conference, so it will be a few more days of waiting. Other development has proceeded in the meantime.
**\<sgp\_>** Other questions to #monero-dev
**\<sgp\_>** b. Localization workgroup
**\<sgp\_>** ErCiccione: take it away
**\<ErCiccione>** Thanks
**\<ErCiccione>** So, we had a Localization Workgroup Meeting to discuss how to improve the workflow we use for translations and the wallets. I made a reddit thread with the logs and a tl;dr. Lemme grub it
**\<monerobux>** [REDDIT] Logs from yesterday's meeting of the Monero Localization Workgroup (TL;DR included) (self.Monero) | 30 points (94.0%) | 0 comments | Posted by ErCiccione | Created at 2019-05-04 - 18:14:15
**\<ErCiccione>** So, I started to test weblate and... It's far far better than Pootle and will make everything much more easier for me,
**\<ErCiccione>** Since most of the stuff is much easier to handle and there is no need to mess with git because weblate do it pretty good by itself.
**\<el00ruobuob>** so no more code freeze needed to avoid desync?
**\<el00ruobuob>** \\o/
**\<ErCiccione>** The point is that we are definitely going to switch from weblate to Pootle soon (very soon). I'm doing some basic tests at the moment, then i will pass to test the integration,
**\<sgp\_>** I need to take the dog out, back in 5 minutes. Move onto c. GUI workgroup if I'm not back in time rehrar
**\<ErCiccione>** and after that all the cool features weblate has. Then, if everything goes fine, we can start to use it right away.
**\<ErCiccione>** el00ruobuob: actually, the code freeze will be necessary anyway :) That issue is not related to which platform we use
**\<el00ruobuob>** :(
**\<ErCiccione>** check the logs of the localization workgroup meeting for more info about that specific thing
**\<ErCiccione>** but it will make everything easier nonetheless
**\<xmrmatterbridge> \<rehrar>** K
**\<ErCiccione>** Also, small announcement,
**\<ErCiccione>** After the integration of weblate, i plan to reduce my work with the localization workgroup of at least half the time
**\<ErCiccione>** That's one reason why during this month i will try to make everything as automatic as possible. The reason of this choice are various and i will explain them better in a dedicated thread
**\<ErCiccione>** but the main reason is: i want to spend more time on learn stuff i'm more interested in.
**\<xmrmatterbridge> \<rehrar>** Ohnoez
**\<ErCiccione>** obviously this doesn't mean that i will abandon the localization workgroup, but just that my involvement in it will decrease
**\<ErCiccione>** especially the part of the support to translators (that's why i'm planning to have everything based on weblate)
**\<sgp\_>** Thanks ErCiccione, let us know what if anything we can do to help you
**\<ErCiccione>** Sure will do sgp\_. I hope this move will also make the workgroup less centralized on me and that a net of support for translators within the workgroup will be created. I will work on this in the near future (CCS or not)
**\<ErCiccione>** oh, last thing then i'm done:
**\<ErCiccione>** I finally pushed the last files for the chinese translation of the website. It only needs to be reviewed andthen merged :)
**\<sgp\_>** cool!
**\<ErCiccione>** that's it from me, but i'm happy to answer to any question
**\<sgp\_>** If there are none, we can move on to c. GUI workgroup
**\<sgp\_>** dsc\_: you here?
**\<dsc\_>** Hi
**\<dsc\_>** This is dsc speaking how can I help you
**\<sgp\_>** any GUI updates?
**\<dsc\_>** Oh, right. Well I'm working on a CMake recipe for the GUI. We're porting from qmake. After that, we can integrate Gitian and then we have reproducible builds hooray
**\<sgp\_>** sweet
**\<ErCiccione>** great stuff
**\<kinghat>** dsc\_s castle, whats your hassle?
**\<dsc\_>** As for upcoming release; migrating windoze buildbot to newer Qt
**\<dsc\_>** EOF
**\<sgp\_>** thanks, any questions?
**\<selsta>** I’m working on sending to multiple destinations.
**\<selsta>** Code is kinda ready, but I’m missing a good design.
**\<dsc\_>** Yeah, awesome job btw.
**\<selsta>** Waiting on knueffelbund, not sure if he saw my message :P
**\<sgp\_>** will this only be available in the expert mode?
**\<dsc\_>** needmoney90: Don't walk across the beamer
**\<dsc\_>** projector\*
**\<selsta>** sgp\_: Don’t know yet.
**\<selsta>** Should this be expert only?
**\<sgp\_>** if it complicates the UI, I lean yes
**\<selsta>** Ideally, there’ll only be a small + button.
**\<el00ruobuob>** +1
**\<sgp\_>** I watched your initial test, I look foward to seeing how this is eventually implemented
**\<sgp\_>** Unless there are other questions, let's keep moving on
**\<sgp\_>** I have two quick updates from other workgroups
**\<sgp\_>** d. Defcon workgroup
**\<sgp\_>** The Defcon call for presentations and volunteers is now open at
**\<sgp\_>** They are due on June 3. Please get them in. PM me for questions. That is all.
**\<sgp\_>** e. PoW workgroup
**\<msvb-mob>** Looks great.
**\<sgp\_>** If you are working on RandomX or other PoW stuff, feel free to speak up :)
**\<sgp\_>** RandomX’s code has been frozen, and the team has pulled together 4 statements of work from audit companies. You can view them here:
**\<sgp\_>** There are proposals from Kudelski ($20,000, 3 weeks), Quarkslab ($52,800, 2 weeks), Trail of Bits ($160,000, 6 weeks), and X41 ($47,000, 4 weeks). Monero used Kudelski and Quarkslab for bulletproofs.
**\<sgp\_>** Note that the Trail of Bits SoW scope includes bulletproofs currently, so the cost and length will likely come down.
**\<sgp\_>** There will plenty of other time for other discussions, but what are people’s initial impressions?
**\<selsta>** X41 has a nice proposal, Quarkslab was really good last time.
**\<el00ruobuob>** Kudelski & Quarkslab had done a pretty good wrk with bulletproof. I'd love to see them audit RandomX
**\<sgp\_>** Any other first impressions?
**\<sgp\_>** all right
**\<sgp\_>** 5. Open ideas time
**\<sgp\_>** It’s open ideas time! Feel free to propose your ideas to this discussion group, and feel free to comment on others’ ideas. If you disagree with the idea, please reply with constructive criticism. Thank you!
**\<needmoney90>** Wait
**\<sgp\_>** what's up?
**\<needmoney90>** For quarkslab
**\<needmoney90>** Is it possible for them to increase the duration and possibly negotiate a lower price?
**\<needmoney90>** The turnaround is extremely fast compared to the others, perhaps there are ways of compromising there
**\<needmoney90>** For our wallets
**\<sgp\_>** you will have to ask hyc ^^^^
**\<needmoney90>** Alright, we can chat about it later
**\<needmoney90>** Continue, sorry for the interruption
**\<sgp\_>** those timelines are my best guess fwiw given the SoWs
**\<sgp\_>** serhack asked for me to ask for improvements to Mastering Monero for the second edition
**\<kinghat>** i dont think we've had a dose of Xeagu\_\_ yet. maybe something before we close?
**\<sgp\_>** If you have comments on Mastering Monero, I recommend you open issues here:
**\<sgp\_>** If there are no other ideas, we can wrap up the meeting
**\<sgp\_>** We had some good discussions before, so feel free to continue using this channel after the meeting as always
**\<sgp\_>** 6. Confirm next meeting date/time
**\<sgp\_>** The next community meeting will be in 2 weeks on 25 May at 17:00 UTC.
**\<sgp\_>** 7. Conclusion
**\<sgp\_>** That’s all! Thanks for attending this Monero Community meeting, and we hope to see you on r/MoneroCommunity and #monero-community. Take care, and know that change starts with YOU.
**\<el00ruobuob>** thank you all
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