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i want to create a platform where people can trade smart coins. Smart coins are just weighted average of few existing cryto coins.That means they are backed by existing crypto
coins. That means for example 1SBTC = 0.4BTC+0.2ETH+0.2LTC+0.1USDT+0.1XMR . The percentage of coins is not the same as it will in the platform the real percentage of the cryptos
will be decided by the traders by voting them and once the maximum votes reach the coin starts breathing on the platform. coins will be named after the maximum percentage of the crypto and a crypto has the highest percentages in 2 or more smart coins then the naming changes. Holding smart coins means holding real cryto and the traders no need to make multiple transactions to sell their crytpo or buy multiple crypto this reduces their transaction fees and they can choose the smart coin which has their desired crypto in it.Is'nt it a smart way of trading. Need developers and funding for this project to happen.
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