Unverified Commit 5ae2b139 authored by erciccione's avatar erciccione
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add merchants 'domains-index' and 'cryptobridge'

parent cf101ee6
......@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@
url: https://www.coindirect.com/buy/monero
- name: CoinSwitch.co
url: https://www.coinswitch.co
- name: CryptoBridge
url: https://crypto-bridge.org
url: https://cryptodiggers.eu/
- name: Cryptopia
......@@ -194,6 +196,8 @@
url: https://cloakVPN.com
- name: Cryptostorm VPN
url: https://cryptostorm.is/
- name: Domains-Index
url: https://domains-index.com/
- name: Elise Hawkins Nutritional Therapy
url: https://www.elisehawkinsnutritionaltherapy.com
- name: Emmanuel Galang, Canada Immigration and Refugee Lawyer
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