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Continued Feather Wallet development (Q1 2021)

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title: "Continued Feather Wallet development (Q1 2021)"
author: tobtoht
date: 4 January 2021
amount: 150
- name: First month
funds: 33% (50 XMR)
status: unfinished
- name: Second month
funds: 33% (50 XMR)
status: unfinished
- name: Third month
funds: 33% (50 XMR)
status: unfinished
- date:
- date:
- date:
### What
This CCS proposal is for 3 months of full time Feather Wallet development.
The goal of this proposal is to:
- Reach feature-parity with the GUI (this mostly concerns hardware wallet support)
- Further advance the Monero desktop wallet space by implementing new (and experimental) features.
### Background
- Feather was [announced]( on Aug 21 2020.
- A CCS [proposal]( funding the initial stages of development was accepted on September 1.
- The first alpha builds became [available]( on Oct 10.
- During the alpha time was spent on:
- Troubleshooting teething problems
- Bugfixes and performance improvements
- Getting the websites and build infrastructure up and running
- The first beta builds were [announced]( on Dec 15.
- The beta introduced signed release binaries.
- The focus for the beta was to fix the remaining UI/UX issues before adding new features. This is now mostly complete.
- A total of 211 pull requests (171 made by me) were submitted to the repository since the alpha release.
- Some features that were added between the previous CCS proposal and now are: Windows support, view-only wallets, offline transaction signing, advanced transaction overview ([image](, transaction rebroadcasting, XMRig integration and reproducible Linux builds. Reproducible builds are mostly thanks to work done by Xiphon on the GUI.
### What I want to work on
- Hardware wallet support (most requested feature, so this is definitely happening now)
- More exchange integrations (among which LocalMonero)
- More advanced coin control features: manual input selection and individual output labeling
- An in-wallet troubleshooting wizard that detects and suggests fixes for common issues ([example](
- Easy to use 2/2, 2/3 multisig (work on the message transportation layer and UI/UX design can commence before it is clear what changes Triptych/Arcturus will bring to multisig)
- Qr scanner (scan addresses with laptop camera/webcam)
- Multi destination transactions
- Debian package
- Sync over clearnet, construct & broadcast transactions over Tor
- Approach the Tails team to discuss potential inclusion of Feather Wallet by default
- Further UI/UX improvements (including more actionable error messages, better UI feedback)
- Upstreaming of changes to libwalletqt / wallet_api
- (Separate from Feather): Monero Daemon as a system service ([more info](
This is a non-exhaustive list of some of the things I want to work on during the proposal.
I expect the majority of the items on this list to be completed at the end of the 3-month period (with the exception of multisig, which will likely take longer).
As always I will rely heavily on user feedback to determine where to put my focus.
### Why contribute to Feather development?
- It is an excellent testing grounds for features that may later be implemented in the official GUI (14 word seeds, coin control, multisig, etc)
- There is more room to experiment with UI/UX and features and see what works before committing to it in a reference wallet.
- Some users cite its simplicity, focus on user experience, quick setup, addition of power user features and similarity to Electrum as reasons they prefer it over the GUI
- Feather will remain open source and licensed under BSD-3.
### Who
Hi, I'm tobtoht. Creator of xmrguide and maintainer of Feather Wallet.
I have been an active contributor to the Monero ecosystem since April 2018.
Some of the things I have worked on are:
- Created and maintained guides to set up Monero on Tails and Whonix ([xmrguide](http://xmrguide42y34onq.onion/), [reddit](
- Made miscellaneous contributors to the GUI (most notably Tails support)
- Maintained a [list](http://xmrguide42y34onq.onion/remote_nodes) of .onion remote nodes with their status
- Created various Python [scripts](http://xmrguide42y34onq.onion/scripts) to convert from/to Monero using third party exchangers
- Co-created Feather Wallet with dsc
### Proposal
40 hours per week at 45 USD/hour for a total of 150 XMR. The XMR/USD rate is based on current exchange rate of $144 XMR/USD.
This will cover January/February/March. Any hours left over will bleed into April.
Progress will be reported in #feather on OFTC. Bi-monthly updates will be posted to /r/FeatherWallet in the form on release changelogs.
Feedback and comments are welcome.
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