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New merchants added
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......@@ -277,6 +277,8 @@
url: https://Congrevape.com/shop
- name: Crypto Armory - ammunition for cryptocurrency at a competitive rate
url: https://www.crypto-armory.com
- name: CryptoKey - Indestructible Crypto Backup
url: https://www.getcryptokey.com/
- name: Crypto Clothing - apparel and accessory shop based on the popular cryptocurrencies
url: https://cryptoclothing.org/
- name: Crypto Merch Global - crypto branded clothing and accessories
......@@ -331,6 +333,8 @@
url: https://moneroapparel.com/
- name: Mushroom cultures, mushroom growing supplies, seeds
url: https://www.vesp.co/Fungible
- name: Name Chains
url: https://namechains.myshopify.com
- name: Nature Provides - Shilajit
url: https://mountain-blood.com/
- name: One Stop NY
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