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Moneropedia localisation bug correction

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......@@ -534,6 +534,79 @@ library:
Quarterly Monero magazine, Q3 2017 edition.<br>
In this issue, updates about: development, Monero Research Lab, Kovri, community, Hardware, and Monerujo.
translated: "no"
add_new_button: Add New Entry
add_new_text1: If there is an entry you'd like to modify or be added, please
add_new_link: open an issue on this website's Github repository
add_new_text2: or submit changes via pull request
account: Account
address-book: Address Book
address: Address
airgap: Airgap
atomic-units: Atomic Units
base32-address: Base32 address
base64-address: Base64 address
blockchain: Blockchain
block: Block
bootstrap-node: Bootstrap-node
canonically-unique-host: Canonically-unique host
change: Change
clearnet: Clearnet
coinbase: Coinbase Transaction
consensus: Consensus
cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency
data-directory: Data Directory
denominations: Denominations
destination: Destination
eepsite: Eepsite
encryption: Encryption
floodfill: Floodfill
fluffyblocks: Fluffy Blocks
fungibility: Fungibility
garlic-encryption: Garlic-Encryption
garlic-routing: Garlic Routing
i2np: I2NP
i2pcontrol: I2PControl
i2p: I2P
in-net: In-net
java-i2p: Java I2P
jump-service: Jump Service
kovri: Kovri
lease: Lease
lease-set: Lease-Set
locally-unique-host: Locally-unique host
message: Message
mining: Mining
mnemonicseed: Mnemonic Seed
network-database: Network Database
node: Node
ntcp: NTCP
openalias: OpenAlias
paperwallet: Paper Wallet
paymentid: Payment ID
pedersen-commitment: Pedersen Commitment
reseed: Reseed
ringCT: Ring CT
ringsignatures: Ring Signature
ring-size: Ring Size
router-info: Router-Info
scalability: Scalability
signature: Cryptographic Signature
smartmining: Smart Mining
spendkey: Spend Key
ssu: SSU
stealthaddress: Stealth Address
subscription: Subscription
tail-emission: Tail Emission
transaction: Transactions
transports: Transports
tunnel: Tunnel
unlocktime: Transaction Unlock Time
viewkey: View Key
wallet: Wallet
title_1: الجميع
title_2: المدونه
entry: ""
terms: ["", ""]
summary: ""
entry: "Account"
terms: ["account", "accounts", "wallet", "wallets"]
summary: "similar in function to a bank account, contains all of your sent and received transactions"
entry: "Address Book"
tags: ["kovri"]
terms: ["Address-Book"]
summary: "Allows you to visit I2P websites/services that have the .i2p domain"
entry: "Address"
terms: ["address", "addresses"]
summary: "either an alias, such as, or a set of 95 characters starting with a 4"
entry: "Airgap"
terms: ["airgap"]
summary: "An airgap is a security measure to physically separate a computer or device from all other networks, such as the Internet."
entry: "Atomic Units"
terms: ["atomic-units", "atomic-unit"]
summary: "Atomic Units refer to the smallest fraction of 1 XMR."
entry: "Base32 address"
tags: ["kovri"]
terms: ["Base32-address", "Base32-addresses"]
summary: "Base32 encoded hash of a Base64 address"
entry: "Base64 address"
tags: ["kovri"]
terms: ["Base64-address", "Base64-addresses"]
summary: "Base64 encoded I2P destination"
entry: "Block"
terms: ["block", "blocks"]
summary: "a container of transactions, a sequence of which forms a blockchain"
entry: "Blockchain"
terms: ["blockchain", "blockchains"]
summary: "a distributed ledger of all transactions both past and present, without revealing who the funds came from or went to"
entry: "Bootstrap-node"
terms: ["bootstrap-node", "bootstrap-nodes"]
summary: "A node to which a daemon connects to give immediate usability to wallets while syncing"
entry: "Canonically-unique host"
tags: ["kovri"]
terms: ["Canonically-unique-host"]
summary: "A host that is canonically resolved to an address or set of addresses"
entry: "Change"
terms: ["change"]
summary: "Monero sent as part of a transaction, that returns to your account instead of going to another recipient"
entry: "Clearnet"
tags: ["kovri"]
terms: ["Clearnet"]
summary: "The Internet in which anonymous overlay networks are built upon"
entry: "Coinbase Transaction"
terms: ["coinbase-transaction"]
summary: "a special type of transaction included in each block, which contains a small amount of Monero sent to the miner as a reward for their mining work"
entry: "Consensus"
terms: ["consensus", "consensus-network"]
summary: "consensus describes a property of distributed networks like Monero where most of the participants follow the rules, and thus reject bad participants"
entry: "Cryptocurrency"
terms: ["cryptocurrency", "cryptocurrencies", "altcoin", "altcoins"]
summary: "a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, usually operating independently of a central bank"
entry: "Data Directory"
tags: ["kovri"]
terms: ["Data-Directory"]
summary: "Where essential kovri data for runtime is stored"
entry: "Denominations"
terms: ["denominations", "subunits", "tacoshi", "piconero", "nanonero", "micronero", "millinero", "centinero", "decinero","decanero","hectonero","kilonero","meganero","giganero"]
summary: "A denomination is a proper description of a currency amount. It is oftentimes a sub-unit of the currency. For example, traditionally a cent is 1/100th of a particular unit of currency.)"
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