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layout: ffs-cp
title: Funding for a Monero subforum on the largest chinese BTC forum 8BTC
author: firperfect
amount: 570
date: June 6, 2017

### who am i:

translate gui wallet to Simplified Chinese [monero-core pull 670](

admin of china xmr-chat group, 2000+ followers (tencent qq group number: 605809242, 584465213)

### what:

There is no Chinese discussion forum and bbs specifically for monero. Monero only occasionally appears in a discussion or an article regarding the anonymity of Bitcoin. Currently, most of monero beginners in China have no technical background and poor English proficiency, which greatly limits their participation in the monero.

To increase monero's media exposure while allowing more people to know monero, I propose to cooperate with 8btc, which is china's most well-known cryptocurrencies discussion forum, and open a separate forum for monero on the 8btc.

Currently, 8btc has more than 50K registered members and the 3000+ number of active people per day.

Cooperating with 8btc can gain wide attentions for XMR to the largest extent.

I will be the administrator of the discussion forum for monero. At the same time, I will write a series of posts about FAQ, user guide for wallet and mining, translate for roadmap and news...

Moreover, as for any Chinese localization need of the monero community, I can organize people to translate. Thus, the progress of the monero can spread to the Chinese community at the highest speed.

Here are all important advantages short summarized which 8BTC and China would bring to Monero:

- More nodes, stronger network
- Need for chinese exchanges (Okcoin, Huobi) to offer XMR for trade
- Price and liquidity rise through new investors
- More developers, bigger community, more donations, more development

Here are all important advantages summarized which 8BTC would bring to Monero: [](

### price:

The costs for the forum are 170.000 chinese Yuan, around 570 XMR for 12 months as the service is not free.

this is donation monero address: wait for the FFS proposal then we will start to collect the fund for this, the XMR core team can then collect the funds, act as escrow and provide the XMR to 8BTC.