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title: Additional GUI Developer
author: Jaquee
amount: 2,475
date: November 22, 2016
### What
Additional GUI developer.
### Who
I’m Jaquee. I have 10+ yrs experience of various kinds of coding. I’m new to the crypto world. Have only been around for a couple of months and i like what i see. I’ve been contributing to Monero for about a month now and this is what i’ve come up with so far:
### Why
I love the fundamentals of Monero and want to get more involved in the community. I believe an official GUI will help Monero go mainstream. Ilya has done a terrific job so far, but his time is limited and I’m happy to help out. The public beta is soon to be released but a lot of features such as daemon integration (start/stop), better remote node support, ux improvements, porting to smartphones, third party plugin system etc. are not finished yet.
### The Proposal and Milestones
Hourly pay: 4.5 xmr (~$25)
10-20 hours per week over 6 months. ~550 hours
Total: 2475 XMR
Milestones: I’ll write reports every 50 hours and will be working on the missing features and future requests from community.
Payments: 11 payments of 225 XMR, one for each 50 hour milestone (paid in XMR)
### Expiration
9 months
Edit: Changed integration in examples -> third party plugin system.
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title: Documentation and cleanup of source code
author: tewinget
amount: 3,600
date: September 11, 2015
### What
Clean up and properly document (doxygen) the monero source code, and handle any merges necessary to do so seamlessly with other concurrent development efforts.
### Who
I'm Thomas Winget, and I've been contributing to the Monero codebase since around June 2014. My largest contribution is the migration from storing the blockchain in a static, binary format to storing the blockchain using a database API, as well as two BlockchainDB implementations (LMDB and BerkeleyDB). Other contributions of mine can be found via the network graph on github or simply looking at my fork.
As a side effect of the work I've done already on Monero, I'm rather familiar with most of the codebase. This puts me in a good position to write down how everything works and fits together, as I've had to sort that out already for many parts.
As a side effect of this effort, I will further cement the knowledge I have of the codebase and gain knowledge in areas I'm less familiar with, enabling me to efficiently implement new features in the future and guide others who may have questions regarding a specific module. In addition, documenting the code will function as a sort of code review, allowing the possibility of spotting any bugs (minor or otherwise).
### Why
In my time developing on Monero, there have been countless instances where I need to reference what another piece of code does in order to work with it, and having all the code documented properly in an easily accessible manner (doxygen) would be helpful for that for anyone working in Monero's codebase. I have also come across areas where the code could be made more efficient or clear without changing any functionality, as well as many typographical errors (though these are minor, I think we can all agree they're annoying if nothing else).
Documentation is by far not a glamorous task (probably why it's a bit sparse in Monero), but every development effort benefits immensely from properly documented code.
### Proposals and Milestones
I would like to spend about 20 hours per week working on the above, at a rate of 45 XMR per hour (just over $20/hr USD at the time of writing this), paid out every week. I am unsure whether or not 80 hours of work will be enough to cover the entire codebase. There are over 70,000 lines of source in the src/ folder alone, and there is code in other folders that brings the total to over 100k, so this is no small task!
Milestones would be as follows:
- First 20 hours (900/3600 XMR)
- Second 20 hours (1800/3600 XMR)
- Third 20 hours (2700/3600 XMR)
- Fourth 20 hours (3600/3600 XMR)
After each milestone (and during), I will be available for comment, so anything that seems unclear in my documentation can be addressed and dealt with accordingly.
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title: fluffyponys Conference Circuit Jan 2017 Edition
author: fluffypony
amount: 590
date: December 9, 2016
### Introduction
As you know, I've spent a fair amount of time, energy, and money, travelling overseas to speak about Monero over the last 2.5 years. At the time the community simply couldn't afford to cover my expenses, and it was a burden I happily bore as it raised a great deal of awareness of Monero. At this time I'd like to raise funds to cover my Jan 2017 conference trip.
### The Trip
*2016-12-26 to 2017-01-01*: Hamburg, Germany, for 33c3 (not being funded, for my own costs)
* 2017-01-01 to 2017-01-05 *: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I'll be talking at Bitcoin Wednesday on 2017-01-04
* 2017-01-06 to 2017-01-09 *: San Francisco, USA, I'll be talking at Coinbase (note: not open to public attendance) on 2017-01-06, and I'll be at the Monero Silicon Valley Meetup on 2017-01-07
* 2017-01-10 to 2017-01-16 *: Florida, USA, where the wife and I will take a few day's break and explore the Keys (not being funded, for my own costs)
* 2017-01-16 to 2017-01-20 *: Miami, USA, where I'll be talking at The North American Bitcoin Conference on 2017-01-17 / 2017-01-18
* 2017-01-20 to 2017-01-30 *: Secret Location, where I'll once again be representing Monero at the Satoshi Roundtable (note: not open to public attendance)
### Funding Structure
A few points of order:
- 33c3's costs are not included in this, as we are not hosting a Monero assembly at 33c3 this year due to how difficult it was to get tickets - only 3 members of the Monero community will be in attendance, that I know, besides myself.
- I'm not expecting to raise the full amount, and anything not raised by the end of January will be for my expense.
- All the expenses are calculated on basic 3-star hotels (excluding hostels) and economy flights. I will cover upgrades, as well as my wife's tickets and costs, of my own volition.
- I have not factored in food and drink costs, and there is no per diem, as that's largely not a big deal and I don't want to bankrupt the community.
- All of my travel is already 100% booked and even mostly paid for (discounts on up-front hotel payments), so my trip is not contingent on fundraising.
- Due to the nature of international travel, jet lag, flight availability, conference timing, and the need to prepare, I always give myself a few days on either side of a speaking engagement.
- I am not paying to speak at any of the conferences / events, nor am I being paid - it's all 100% free and at the cost of the community and myself.
- Flight pricing was done using Kiwi's multicity search, and a reasonable combination was selected (note that for some flights I couldn't take the cheapest due to extremely tight time constraints between Bitcoin Wednesday and Coinbase, but I can't reflect this on Kiwi easily).
- Hotel pricing was done using BookingComplete's multicity search.
Note that if the proposal is over-funded I will take a reasonable portion of the over-fund for food / drink / taxis / per-diem, and the rest I will reapportion to other fundraisers as needed.
### Costs Breakdown
Flights come to $2963, all in.
Accommodation in Amsterdam comes to $362.
Accommodation in San Francisco comes to $540.
Accommodation in Miami comes to $413.
Accommodation in the Satoshi Roundtable Location comes to $297 (can't show the screenshot for that:)
Total fundraiser is, therefore, for $4575. Monero is currently sitting at $7.75, so the fundraiser is for 590 XMR.
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title: Redesign because we're going to design all of the things and you can't stop us
author: rehrar
date: 02/14/2017
amount: 100
- name: Milestone 1 - Front page & restructure
funds: 10% (~XMR 10.70)
done: April 28, 2017
status: unfinished
- name: Milestone 2 - Design
funds: 40% (~XMR 42.80)
done: July 1, 2017
status: completed
- name: Milestone 3 - Development
funds: 30% (~XMR 32.10)
done: July 1, 2017
status: completed
- name: Milestone 4 - Finishing touches
funds: 20% (~XMR 21.40)
done: completed
status: completed
- date: 12/31/2986
amount: 10.70XMR
- date: 121212154524
amount: 4545
- date:
- date:
At the request of myself , I am editing my proposal that fluffypony recommended I edit that was edited from the initial idea. So, without further ado:
### What: Redesign and Restructure
My project looks to give a complete site redesign to As it is right now, it's not very user-friendly, doesn't look very pretty, and just doesn't look as professional as one would assume from the sophisticated technology that is Monero. That can easily be changed, with a souped up design that is modern, slick, and inviting to anyone who wants to become a part of the Monero community, while still maintaining the charm that comes with open-source projects.
How do we plan to develop it? Upon speaking with the FluffyPony, there are three very important things that the redesign must keep in mind:
1. JavaScript must not be used in the new site, as a good amount of the site's traffic comes from Tor.
2. Be developed using Jekyll
3. The forum is going to be done away with, but the FFS will remain (not my idea, it was told to me). Right now the forum isn't being used for much besides the FFS. So we need a way to put the FFS into the site proper.
Nowadays CSS can do incredible things on its own. There are even a number of CSS frameworks that operate without Javascript. The current site uses Bootstrap, although there are other alternatives to consider. Yes, Bootstrap has some JS inclusions, but it operates just fine without them as they're really for specific things (which we shouldn't need). There are other options, such as Burma, or even no framework at all.
Also, the site information will be restructured, with the differing pages being put into different, or even new, categories to make the information available more accessible to everybody.
### Who: And you are...?
Heyo, you can call me Rehrar. My wife (Mrs. Rehrar) and I are web designers and developers. We really enjoy what we do, and specialize in helping small businesses get a web presence, or revamp their old websites. We really believe in XMR and what it stands for, and would love to extend our talents towards the community to help.
Our online portfolio is in the works and we were hoping to launch before mid-March, but a huge slew of jobs came in all at once and we've been working like madmen to get them done. The fact that we can find decent work before our portfolio is up is pretty great for us. For now, here's a sample of the work that we're doing:
[Nikki Karay, Cosplayer]( (a website we made for a cosplayer)
[A Striking Image]( (a site that we made for a carpet cleaning business)
[Remembering the Time]( (a site we made for a personal historian)
### Why: Seriously, is this needed?
Yes, a site redesign is very needed. Monero has great technology, a great dev team, and a great community behind it. Some people are of the opinion that the site is fine, and that we don't need anything new or different. But more people discover and subsequently become involved in the community, the better it is for everyone, and we need to make it as easy as possible for newcomers to get find the resources they need.
I'll be honest, if a layperson comes to this website, the first thing that comes to mind will not be 'sophisticated technology'. Some might say: "But if they dig into the reasons and technology behind it they will see...". Look, not everyone does this, and to the masses, first impressions count for a lot. We can't hide behind the way we wish the world works. Marketing is important, and a having a good website in the digital age is Marketing 101.
Technology development and marketing are not mutually exclusive, and I think too many people forget that. And seeing as how I would be unable to help the dev team anyways, I think I can use my talents to further the community despite that. :)
Secondly, the information on the site is currently very badly structured. A lot of things just seem like a hodgepodge of pages thrown together in a category that it more or less can squeeze. Along with the redesign, some great restructuring needs to happen.
### Proposals & Milestones
We are willing to work for 2 XMR/hr, the following milestones are estimated hours of how long it will take to complete the project. We will ask a flat fee, so any hours above will be a donation to the community. With this in mind, I would like to propose the following milestones.
**Milestone 1: Front Page Design and Site Restructuring (10XMR)**
Everyone has different opinions on how they think the website should look. The first step would be to decide as a community what the overall feel of the website should be. We (Mrs. Rehrar and I) would design two possible landing pages to be discussed by the community. While it is possible to make suggestions at this stage about the content that is included in the mockup, the bigger idea is the design, look, and feel. The final decision of which design to use rests with me, but I will take all suggestions and ideas into consideration.
The next portion is the restructuring of to make information better structured and easier to access. I will present a tentative restructuring of the site for comment, and will make changes as necessary.
After these decisions are made we will move to Milestone 2.
It is possible that the community will greatly dislike both designs. If this should happen, the community can create a design themselves, or additional mockups can be made for 5 XMR each. Sorry, but because this has the potential to go on for infinity before people reach agreement, there needs to be a limit somewhere.
Milestone 1 is practically complete already. We just couldn't wait to present our work to the community. You can see our designs in the albums below:
[Redesign Proposal 1 (album)](
[Redesign Proposal 2 (album)](
**Milestone 2: Website Design (40XMR)**
Next, I will create mockups for the major pages of the new site to be reviewed and critiqued by the community. The designs can be tweaked and modified (although at this point any suggestions to the look and feel that are not minute in nature will not be considered) until the community reaches a reasonable agreement to move forward (same stipulations as in Milestone 1).
In this section is also the design of the new FFS. This will be a huge endeavor from a UI/UX perspective and we will do everything we can in research and designing to make it usable, accessible, with a friendly interface.
A lot of work is going to be put into the design process. Like, it's probably going to be 50% of the total work. The building portion is easy. We have decided to make a significant investment of time for the designs to be worked on, workshopped, approved, and, if necessary, redone so it's perfect for something as amazing as Monero.
**Milestone 3: Development (30XMR)**
Here we go. The big stuff. We go into production mode and start building the website that is agreed upon. Not too much explanation here. We will host the in-progress site on a small Vultr server and the IP address will be publicly available so anyone can look at the progress. There will be weekly progress reports and anyone is free to make comments during the process.
There would be two planned phases for Milestone 3:
1. Create the main site
2. Create and integrate the new FFS.
After both phases are completed, we will switch the new site over.
**Milestone 4: ???**
At this point the project is pretty much done. But there may be things that need to be added over time (such as when news or new technology is introduced). The source code to the site will of course be freely available and anyone with the know-how would be able to edit and add pages.
**Total proposed XMR for the project: 100XMR**
### Timeline
The proposed timeline for each milestone will vary. Especially because for the design process we want to give enough time for the community to be able give feedback and have a voice. With that in mind, the proposed timeline is as follows:
**Milestone 1:** One week to create both designs and two weeks for the community to comment and the suggested changes to be made, tried, commented on again, etc.. Total: 3 weeks.
Milestone 1 is practically complete already. See above.
**Milestone 2:** Four weeks to lovingly craft the remaining pages of the site and three weeks for the community suggestion process and resulting modifications to occur. Total: 7 weeks.
why so long here? Again, it's not just a reskin of the current form of the website. A lot of thought has to go into a potential restructuring of content to make it accessible to the most people. Some content blocks may be moved to another place on the page, or another page entirely. We've got a lot of work to do in this area. After that, the development is just making all of that idea work and planning and creativity come alive with code. No biggie! :D
**Milestone 3:** Three weeks for Phase 1 (new website creation) and an additional three weeks for Phase 2 (FFS integration). Since we'll be working with the devs of the website backend to integrate it, I have to plan for more time as we may be in different time-zones, things may not get done same day, people are busy, etc. Total: 6 weeks.
Total proposed timeline for the project: 16 weeks (4 months). If consensus with the designs of the first two milestones is reached very rapidly, then it can be quicker.
### Expiration
While I don't plan to drop out of the project, all of the source code will be continuously updated on GitHub for anyone to use. In the event that the website is not up 4 months after funding (allowing some leeway for unforseen circumstances), the funds may be reappropriated as determined by the core team.
Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Complaints? Let me know below!
### Major Note:
Again, Milestone 1 is pretty much done. Please see the album links to view the designs (and all of their drafts):
[Redesign Proposal 1 (album)](
[Redesign Proposal 2 (album)](
Thanks everyone!
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layout: ffs-cp
title: Improving Developer Guides to include Simplewallet examples and Bitmonerod methods and examples
author: bigreddmachine
amount: 90
date: March 8, 2016
### What do I want to do and why?
For some time, the Developer Guides under Knowledge Base have been quite short on material. There is some documentation of simplewallet JSON RPC methods, but no complete examples. In addition, there is no information on bitmonerod methods.
Recently, I have been working on building out a Python package for Monero. My initial focus has been to build a comprehensive package for talking with the daemon and simplewallet via RPC methods. As a result, I have had to pull information from many different sources so that I can flesh out my package (primarily working from other packages, example sites, BitcoinTalk, reddit, and the main bitmonero GitHub source code).
I would like to turn my efforts around and compile all of this information into the Knowledge Base so that future developers will not have to go through the same struggle. This is separate from the work I am already doing on my Python package.
### Who Am I?
I am a PhD student and graduate researcher in engineering, and have been in the cryptocurrency space for a little over two years. I have contributed in small amounts to various cryptocurrency projects. Most relevantly, I am the creator of the [Monero Monitor Chrome Extension]( and am currently working on [Pymonero](
### Proposed Milestones:
1. Add examples (with return examples) to the [Simplewallet RPC information already available](
2. Create a similar page for the Bitmonero daemon RPC interface, including both the JSON RPC methods and other methods such as ```/gettransactions``` and ```/is_key_image_spent```.
### Funding:
In total, I anticipate this task will take me 6 hours, including creating examples of both valid and invalid method calls. This is on top of the time that I am spending on my own to continue to develop Pymonero to be a comprehensive Python tool. I anticipate that I will be able to complete both milestones over a two week period during evenings after my actual job.
I am asking to raise 90 XMR, or 15 XMR/hr. Please let me know if this seems reasonable.
**-Mike, a.k.a. BRM**
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title: Justin's Local Meetup Talks Proposal #1: Valencia, Graz, and Zagreb
author: samsunggalaxyplayer
amount: 66
date: March 20, 2017
### Introduction
I am studying abroad at the University of Vienna, and I think I should take the opportunity to speak about Monero around Europe at local cryptocurrency meetups. This is the first proposal of what I hope to be many, depending on the success of this one. Since I have a lot of free time in Europe, I would love to speak about Monero in many cities. This proposal is just for four, two of which are free to this community.
[Valencia]( March 15th (not collecting donations; was on vacation)
Graz: March 27th (graciously paid for by [BlockchainHub Graz](
[Zagreb]( April 3rd (asking for reimbursement)
[Athens]( April 28th (asking for reimbursement)
[Rome]( May 27th (asking for reimbursement)
### About Me
I have been an active contributor in the Monero community for two years now. While the best program I wrote was for my calculator, I have worked to contribute to the Monero project in several other ways. [I am among the most active StackExchange users on the Monero site](, I am a moderator on the /r/MoneroMining subreddit, and I have spoken about Monero [several]( [times]( at my home university. [I am a president]( of the [University of Minnesota Cryptocurrency Club](, and we have approximately 50 active members. When I am back in the states, our group typically has two meetings a month, and I play a large role in the meeting presentations. Although I am interested in several cryptocurrencies, Monero has received the majority of my time and effort outside of the club's efforts.
I am working with other groups to speak in Athens, Rome, Budapest, Edinburgh, Dublin, Cologne, Warsaw, Paris, Riga, Oslo, Stockholm, and others. If this is successful, expect talks in many other cities. I am purposefully avoiding speaking at places that Riccardo Spagni has already spoken at to increase the reach of these talks.
The meeting will cover the history of privacy and fungibility in Bitcoin, discuss several approaches to the problems, and discuss how Monero achieves its privacy in detail. I will discuss the next steps in development going forward and limitations compared to other coins. It will be similar to Riccardo Spagni's speeches, but I have tried to make the presentation my own. The Valencia speech was very similar to Riccardo's, and I hope to make some improvements to my presentation before the Graz and Zagreb meetups. My speeches are in English.
I am speaking about Monero, but I will not function as a "salesperson" for the currency. I will address the work in progress with Monero and the drawbacks it has compared to some other coins. While I definitely do not want to make the presentation strictly a comparison of coins, I want to make it clear that I will try to give the most factual information about Monero. I am doing these speeches to raise awareness of Monero, not to trick people into buying some.
### Funding Structure
- I am not being paid to speak at this location.
- Flight and hotel search was completed with Google Flights and Google, respectively.
- If the proposal is over-funded, I would suggest that a reasonable amount is used for food costs (~$25). If the price of Monero falls suddenly before the trip, the extra amount will make up the difference in dollars. I am okay taking a slight loss, but I cannot afford to carry out future proposals if the value of Monero falls by a large amount. This decision is ultimately up to the moderators.
- Flights are the cheapest I could find that fit in the available time window. Some exceptions may be made to substantially shorten travel time or layovers. Hotels are basic and 2 or 3-star.
- In some instances, I will take a train or a bus if it saves time and/or money. For instance, I plan on taking a train to Budapest to save money. To get to Zagreb, the train routes are not as direct, and a bus would take many hours. That's why I am taking a flight to Zagreb this time.
### Costs Breakdown
Zagreb Flight (round trip): $256
Zagreb Hotel (2 nights): $120
Transportation to/from airports: $40
Athens Flight (round trip): $280
Athens Hotel (2 nights): $130
Transportation to/from airports: $40
Rome Flight (round trip): $160
Rome Hotel (3 nights): $245
Transportation to/from arports: $40
Total: $1311 (66 XMR)
I got excited and booked my flights and hotels before this gets funded. Thus, I am going to speak at these locations whether this proposal gets funded or not.
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title: Justin's Local Meetup Talks Proposal #2: April to June
author: samsunggalaxyplayer
amount: 26
date: June 28, 2017
Hey everyone! Justin here. Based on the success of [my first proposal](, I have continued to travel through Europe and speak to others about Monero. With this proposal, I am including travel costs for the following locations where I have already spoken at:
- [Warsaw, Poland: April 11](
- [Riga, Latvia: April 12](
- [Wroclaw, Poland: April 13](
- [Budapest, Hungary: May 12](
- [Cologne, Germany: June 5](
- [Bucharest, Romania: June 15](
- [Istanbul, Turkey: June 18](
- [Dublin, Ireland: June 26](
I had a really fun time speaking at all these events. You can see PDFs of the used presentations here. Feel free to message me for the PowerPoint versions. You can view some of the recordings [here](
### Summary of Costs
I would like to allow for donations to cover some of the travel costs that I have incurred in the process of speaking about Monero. I was never paid to speak at any of these locations. Flights, trains, and hotels were the cheapest reasonable options.
Warsaw/Riga/Wroclaw: $750
Budapest: $145
Cologne: $380
Bucharest: $330
Istanbul: $325
Dublin: $725
NOT INCLUDED: Edinburgh, UK (Meetup cancelled)
Subtotal: $2,655
Minus Difference in Last Proposal's Gains (as promised): $1,612.53
Grand Total: $1,042.47 (asking amount)
Asking for 26 XMR.
Thank you everyone who donated to the previous proposal, and to those who donate to this one. If all things go according to plan, there should be one more proposal from me around the end of July.
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title: Create End-User Kovri documentation
author: anonimal
amount: 100
date: July 15, 2016
<strong> \> What - describe the idea and how you plan to develop it </strong>
The idea is to create user-friendly non-technical Kovri documentation. Something that helps new users (who aren't necessarily developers) better understand what Kovri is and how it can/will be used.
I plan to develop this by implementing new documentation directly into my fork of the monero-site repository via Moneropedia entries (a similar, successful and completed proposal can be seen here) and then sending a pull-request when completed.
<strong> \> Who - who are you? Why do you think you can develop it, and why should the Monero community believe you can? </strong>
I am anonimal; and I am presently the lead developer of The Kovri I2P Router Project. With the help, guidance, and contributions of both I2P and Monero developers, myself and a handful of others came together to create Kovri.
This documentation proposal is yet another aspect of development that we have been tackling since the inception of Kovri. I believe that I can implement this proposal because of my experience with Kovri.
The Monero community should believe that I can implement this proposal for the following reasons:
- My tireless commitment to Kovri as proven over the passed 8+ months
- My recent contributions to bitmonero
- My contributions to the Monero project as a whole
<strong> \> Why - Why do you want to develop this? </strong>
I would like to see a robust documentation system that improves the lives of everyone in the Monero ecosystem. Something that provides a firm foundation for the most novice to the most experienced of users to use and understand Kovri technology. I believe that user-friendly Monerpedia can help build that foundation.
<strong> \> The Proposal and Milestones - It is difficult to describe how each proposal should be broken down into milestones, but only you (the developer) knows how long things can take, and knows how to break the task apart. Expiration - Make it apparent that a time limit exists for the proposal. </strong>
I propose a two milestones, 50 XMR for each milestone, for a total of 100 XMR. The first milestone being a completed first draft that I will keep in my fork. The second milestone being completed, uploaded, and verified content.
This proposal can, technically, be finished using my free time on the weekend. Realistically, because of scheduling, I need to vastly overestimate and give two weeks maximum for the first milestone and two weeks maximum for the 2nd milestone for a total of 1 month.
Realistically, this can be completed in less time than proposed - but I'd rather have this buffer for the sake of scheduling.
All feedback is welcome. I would like to hear any specifics or requests from the community before I dive into this.
Edit: also see
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title: Monero Bounty For HackerOne
address: 45ttEikQEZWN1m7VxaVN9rjQkpSdmpGZ82GwUps66neQ1PqbQMno4wMY8F5jiDt2GoHzCtMwa7PDPJUJYb1GYrMP4CwAwNp
paymentid: 8d3526aed9a09a943788496751c78c8f4757e7f6f3234a547efe77f3c9c6cc4b
author: anonimal
date: 10/15/1699
### What:
We need dedicated funds to satisfy bounty for Monero and all Monero sub-projects on [](
### Who:
### Why:
Now that our VRP is in place and Monero/Kovri HackerOne account launched, we need to have funds available before inviting hackers/researchers (offering XMR/BTC as exploit bounty was agreed to long ago in #kovri-dev (and in recent meetings)).
### The Proposal and Milestones:
No milestones, just much needed crowdfunding. As mentioned [here]( "set a 500 XMR minimum bounty"
### Expiration:
### Links:
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title: Monero integrations with web apps
author: serhack
amount: 126
date: May 30, 2017
We are living in a world that have a lot of integrations with web-apps: you should think slack, github.. Every web app has integrations. I think monero will be popular if we develop some plugins like for Wordpress, Prestashop.
My plan is developing integrations (plugins, add-ons) for monero; My goal is everyone will support monero as payment.
At the moment I'm discussing with community about how plugin can communicate with daemon of Monero. The plugins/addons will developed by me and with PHP, html and the framework of Web App. Please if you have an idea about this, please post it! I will implement best ideas.
### WHO
Hello, I'm Nico aka SerHack. I am a web developer freelancer, sysadmin and I worked in the past as marketing coordinator for IT company. I'm from Italy and this project is one of the best project that I never see. I believe in open source projects like Monero :) If anyone doubts of my job, here a list of my work:
SerNico Website (I need to update it :p ) SerWebHost Shared Hosting company Fabrizio Cotugno Graphic Freelancer
Warning: I have worked in a lot of websites, I can't post fully list here. If you wanna it, please pm me :)
### WHY
I would pay in a shop by XMR, as easy as bitcoin payment. Monero will become a great project with integration! I would help some merchants that haven't got any php skills I'm working as a freelancer: actually I need only 0.75 XMR /hours (currently like 15 dollars). For each intregration, there will be a milestone.
I can work on Monero for roughly 3-4 hours per day. I will write a full log of my activity. So you can follow my progress. I will go to St. Moritz and Cesenatico for 20 days in total during June :).
Milestone #1: Days: around 16
16 x 3-4 hours x 0.75 = around 36 XMR
- PHP Library
Milestone #2: Days: around 30
30 x 3-4 hours x 0.75 = around 90 XMR - Starting Wordpress plugin
- Starting Prestashop plugin
**Funding needed: 126 XMR**
layout: ffs-cp
title: Funding for a Monero subforum on the largest chinese BTC forum 8BTC
author: firperfect
amount: 570
date: June 6, 2017
### who am i:
translate gui wallet to Simplified Chinese [monero-core pull 670](
admin of china xmr-chat group, 2000+ followers (tencent qq group number: 605809242, 584465213)
### what:
There is no Chinese discussion forum and bbs specifically for monero. Monero only occasionally appears in a discussion or an article regarding the anonymity of Bitcoin. Currently, most of monero beginners in China have no technical background and poor English proficiency, which greatly limits their participation in the monero.
To increase monero's media exposure while allowing more people to know monero, I propose to cooperate with 8btc, which is china's most well-known cryptocurrencies discussion forum, and open a separate forum for monero on the 8btc.
Currently, 8btc has more than 50K registered members and the 3000+ number of active people per day.
Cooperating with 8btc can gain wide attentions for XMR to the largest extent.
I will be the administrator of the discussion forum for monero. At the same time, I will write a series of posts about FAQ, user guide for wallet and mining, translate for roadmap and news...
Moreover, as for any Chinese localization need of the monero community, I can organize people to translate. Thus, the progress of the monero can spread to the Chinese community at the highest speed.
Here are all important advantages short summarized which 8BTC and China would bring to Monero:
- More nodes, stronger network
- Need for chinese exchanges (Okcoin, Huobi) to offer XMR for trade
- Price and liquidity rise through new investors
- More developers, bigger community, more donations, more development
Here are all important advantages summarized which 8BTC would bring to Monero: [](
### price:
The costs for the forum are 170.000 chinese Yuan, around 570 XMR for 12 months as the service is not free.
this is donation monero address: wait for the FFS proposal then we will start to collect the fund for this, the XMR core team can then collect the funds, act as escrow and provide the XMR to 8BTC.
layout: ffs-cp
title: A continuation for all purpose programming of what needs to get done in monero
author: moneromooo
amount: 18,000
date: October 31, 2015