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title: An update from the Core Team on some technical responsibilities
summary: Update on who is responsible for certain part of development, release and infrastructure
tags: [announcement]
author: The Core Team
The Core Team would like to share with the community some changes of responsibility that are expected to better streamline developments and collaborations going forwards.
### Lead Maintainer Transfer
fluffypony is stepping down as the lead maintainer of Monero. Snipa will be taking his place. fluffypony will continue as a backup maintainer to relieve Snipa during times when he is busy or on vacation.
fluffypony has served the Monero project well over its five years of existence, and he will continue to remain active in the community as a maintainer.
Snipa is a longtime contributor to Monero. He is best known for developing a popular piece of Monero pool software and supporting the network with well-connected nodes. He has substantial coding and auditing experience, and a desire to better Monero's processes.
luigi1111 will continue as a backup maintainer of the CLI repository.
### Release Engineering and Signed Hashes
selsta is taking over most release engineering responsibilities for the CLI. Snipa and fluffypony will be available as backup CLI release engineers.
xiphon is taking over most release engineering responsibilities for the GUI. luigi1111 and fluffypony will be available as backup GUI release engineers.
binaryFate will take over signing the hashes of the release binaries and uploading them.
### Website and Download Server Access
binaryFate will become the backup for control of the various core Monero domains, in addition to fluffypony. Domain changes are rare, and mostly consists of renewing the domains when necessary.
binaryFate and luigi1111 will take over the primary administrative responsibilities for the DNS records and the CDN, with pigeons and fluffypony as backup. These changes are typically triggered when a new release happens.
binaryFate is getting access to the downloads server, in addition to pigeons and fluffypony who currently have access.
### General Fund and Community Crowdfunding System
binaryFate will administer the General Fund wallet.
rehrar and Justin Ehrenhofer are getting access to the CCS repository. luigi1111 is getting access to the CCS Monero wallet and will administer payouts. These changes will allow the CCS to operate more smoothly.
The private view key of the CCS wallet will be added to the CCS website to increase accountability.
### Monero-Announce mailing list
luigi1111 and binaryFate are gaining the ability to approve emails sent to the Monero-Announce mailing list, in addition to pigeons and fluffypony who are the current approvers.
The Monero-Announce mailing list is an important notification tool for network alerts, new releases, and important discussions. Please [subscribe]( to it to stay updated!
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