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Rehrar 36c3

Diego Salazar requested to merge rehrar/ccs-proposals:rehrar-36c3 into master

Heyo everyone. Welcome back to another edition of "rehrar asks for money to do Monero related things". In this episode, rehrar wants to go back to C3. So I guess this one is called rehrar to C3 2: Return of Jafar.

Basically, similar to last year, I want to go help at 36C3. Last year I was the MC, did general coordination, and helped to run the floor and speeches, as well as giving a few speeches on my own.

The costs to send me to Leipzig is as follows:

Flight 1700

Hotel 630

Incidentals 565

Ticket 140

For a total of 3035.

Converted to XMR (With a 10% buffer): 58.65 XMR.

IF the community thinks I would be of value to go to C3, then let's get this tagged and bagged. Thanks all!

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